5 Top Cold Chain Management Solutions Companies In India 5 Top Cold Chain Management Solutions Companies In India

Top 5 Cold Chain Management Solutions Companies In India

Cold storage equipment is commonly used to preserve perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, but can also be employed to maintain vaccines, medicines, specimens, blood, and other biologicals at their correct temperatures. To fulfil the expanding need for temperature-controlled warehousing, many cold storage manufacturers and distributors are creating cutting-edge equipment and advanced processes. Here are some of the top 5 cold chain companies in India:

5 Top Cold Chain Management Solutions Companies In India

B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical cold chain solutions. Based in Hosingen, Luxembourg, the company was established in 1979, when the WHO approached Electrolux to provide a solution to store and transport vaccines safely around the world. Across its three business portfolios of Vaccine Cold Chain, Medical Refrigeration, and Blood Management solutions, the company offers 100+ products. B Medical Systems’ major products include Vaccine Refrigerators (Ice-Lined and Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators (SDD)), Laboratory Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezers, Pharmacy Refrigerators, Ultra-Low Freezers, and Transport Boxes. B Medical Systems’ products are used across 140+ countries and have an installed base of more than half a million products worldwide. The company has been a long-trusted partner of global humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, the WHO, the Red Cross, and more, and has extensive experience in working with Ministries of Health, hospitals, research organizations, universities, and blood transfusion organizations across the world. B Medical Systems delivers its products all over the world and has subsidiaries in the USA and India.

Blue Star

Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. It has 7500 stores across the nation which sell room ACs, packaged air conditioners, chillers, cold rooms as well as refrigeration products and systems, along with 1172 service associates reaching out to customers in over 900 towns. They manufacture freezers and refrigerators in various series, with low and ultra-low temperature settings for scientific and medical purposes. They also have specialised refrigerating equipment for blood storage, which are also used for the cold storage of pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccines and other applications that are common for hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, blood banks and other medical fields.


Voltas is India’s no.1 AC and ComRef brand focusing on eco-friendly, energy-efficient and IoT-enabled modular cold rooms. These cold chain solutions are best suited for storage, cooling, or freezing applications across industries such as food processing, horticulture, floriculture, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, QSR, etc.


Godrej’s medical refrigerators are powered by their patented Anti-Freeze Grade ‘A’ Sure Chill Technology, feature a precise cooling at 4°C at all times to keep vaccines potent, despite power cuts. Deployed in over 40 countries worldwide, these refrigerators are WHO PQS Pre-Qualified, at par with international quality standards, and are 100% environment friendly with energy efficient compressor.

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Scientific’s laboratory freezers facilitate reliable, secure storage of samples for a wide variety of application-specific configurations. They deliver an unrivalled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and pharmaceutical services through industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon and PPD.