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5 Tesla Technological Features That Explain Its Popularity

Teslas have a cult-like following thanks to their electronic vehicle status and witty innovations to improve the driving experience. In addition to their impeccable engineering, Tesla automobiles feature some of the most unusual Easter eggs we’ve ever seen in the automobile industry.

Let’s look at five of these technology-related Easter eggs that take Teslas to a unique level of automobile design.

1. Autopilot

All Tesla models come with Autopilot, a driver assistance feature that allows a vehicle to maneuver, accelerate, and halt on its own while staying in its lane. Autopilot is meant to simplify driving and reduce accidents, not take a driver’s position.

What happens following autopilot-related accidents? For one thing, it’s wise to ensure you’ve renewed your Tesla warranty. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thirty-seven investigations have been opened since 2016 related to the automobile’s autopilot feature.

2. Video Games & Streaming Capabilities

When was the last time you heard of a car having built-in streaming applications such as YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix? You can stream your favorite shows from the comfort of your car seat and play interactive video games via Tesla’s Arcade feature. Drivers can use a USB-connected controller or their steering wheel to play games.

Due to these features’ obvious safety hazards, you can only stream and game if the car is parked or refueling at a charging station. Nonetheless, these are excellent for passing the time while charging your vehicle or if you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

3. Sentry Mode

While the title of this feature might connote some Black Mirror-esque gunfire component, it only helps drivers determine what caused that random dent or scratch that suddenly popped up on their shiny Tesla. This feature allows you to keep an eye on your parked car from anywhere, and the car’s outside cameras begin to record once it’s been hit.

Around 60% of drivers say their vehicles have sustained damage while parked. This problem often occurs in large parking areas such as grocery store lots.

The next time someone bangs into your parked Tesla with their shopping cart while you’re just trying to go for a toilet paper run, you’ll know exactly who did it and when it happened, thanks to a handy notification from the application.

4. Dog Mode

The number of people who think it’s a fine idea to leave their pets inside their cars during the peak of summertime or wintertime is higher than you might think. Thus, Tesla incorporated a dog mode that allows drivers to leave their canine or feline companions inside their vehicles safely. In dog mode, the Tesla’s interior temperature stays regulated, keeping pets safe and comfortable.

With this mode activated, a backdrop will be shown on the car’s touchscreen, informing onlookers that the temperature in the car is comfortable for your pet and that you will soon return.

5. Caraoke

For those who want to recreate a segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Tesla has now made it possible for you to do so and ensure that you won’t miss or mispronounce any of the lyrics – albeit this only works when parked. Tesla introduced a new “caraoke” feature in 2019 that gives users access to a wide variety of music and lyrics.

Closing Thoughts

From Autopilot to “Caraoke,” there’s a wide range of witty innovations that Tesla has incorporated into their vehicles to make the driving experience more entertaining than ever before. While these don’t exactly convince rational car buyers to pay extortionately high prices for their electric vehicles, the mere intrigue alone is enough to at least consider a Tesla.