5 ‘meaningful’ and ‘smart’ tech Christmas presents for your loved ones

Christmas rings in the festive spirit of the holiday season, compelling us to make our loved ones feel special. From holiday parties to festive decor and shopping for Christmas presents, it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Gifting is an important part of the Christmas season, and it is a way to show our loved ones how much we care about them. Especially after the two horrid Covid years, it’s finally time to step out, meet those who matter and give presents. This festive season we have created a list that will help you decide on the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas Season.

1.  Noise IntelliBuds: Developed with a vision to disrupt the TWS segment, the new Noise Intellibuds are designed to add a whole new audio experience and change the way consumers interact with their devices.  Priced at INR 4,999/- the Noise IntelliBuds are available in black and white color variants and are a great gift for your loved ones.It introduces industry-leading features such as ‘Gesture Control’, ‘Hot Voice Command’, ‘Music Sharing’ directly from earbuds, ‘Transparency Mode’, and ‘Customized Equalizer’ that effortlessly integrates into our lives, for the first time in India.

2.  Qubo Smart DashCam: The Qubo Smart Dashcam is a great gift for your loves ones who love to travel. The Dashcam Pro 4K. This camera will allow car owners to record videos from their vehicle’s dashboard in Ultra HD (4K) resolution. Dashcam Pro 4K sports an LCD screen and supports special features like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Qubo has also introduced an advanced model of the Dashcam Pro 4K that features a rear camera to provide dual recording (front and back). This Dashcam starts with the price of 9,999/- for the introductory model and goes up to 12,990/- for the pro version with extra features such as front and back camera.

3. Qubo Smart Tyre Inflator: Who doesn’t like to travel? Since it’s winter and a long weekend is here in Christmas week. Your friends might plan a family road trip up to the hilly and snowy areas. To save their road trip from ruining, you can gift them this tyre inflator. Qubo’s Smart Tyre Inflator Pro looks sleek, and more importantly, its compact dimensions mean it can fit easily. The bottom part of the inflator has an array of LED lights so that one can use it during the night as well. The bottom also gets two small compartments to store the Presta valve and swimming ring nozzle. Included in the package are the main device, the power cable and the car adapter, the ball needle, the bicycle nozzle and a convenient carry pouch. any corner of your car. The top part gets an LCD screen which is clear to read and has all the functional buttons. This tyre inflator comes with a price of 2,990/- and will surely show that you care for your friends.

4.    Noise ColorFit Loop Smartwatch: Noise ColorFit Loop. Designed to provide a feature-rich and immersive experience to daily hustlers and fitness enthusiasts without going heavy on their pockets, Noise ColorFit Loop also sports a 1.85-inch large 60Hz smooth display which adds to the exceptional experience. Its premium curved glass finish and unibody build offering sturdiness and durability, along with a robust battery that lasts up to 7 days on a single charge, allows consumers to keep pressing ahead without any hassle, making it ideal for consumers who are always on the go. Staying true to the brand’s design philosophy, the Noise ColorFit Loop also makes for a stylish and modern addition to uplift your everyday outfit. This Smartwatch with uncountable features comes with a price tag of 2,499/- only and is the perfect gift to keep a watch on.