Zion recently released yet another DDR4 high-performance memory modules for desktops adding a new member to its Xtreme gaming series modules. Zion is known for not just the performance but also that they come at an affordable price that every gamer seeks for!

As the Indian gaming industry is also booming and the demand also goes up for top-notch hardware, Zion Blaze series comes with the top specifications that a gamer wants to build a perfect gaming rig. Let’s check out how it performs on ground zero and if it worth to add it to the shopping list for a gaming rig.


The 16GB RAM modules come in two RAM sticks of 8GB memory each and ships separately in separate plastic packs. Both RAM sticks came packed in a plastic case, sitting fixed on the plastic tray with some documents printed with the specs and warranty terms. The design of the RAM sticks are sleek and red let’s first talk about the design of the Zion Blaze gaming RAM.


The modules come with a minimalistic design, black color plate and a red on black graphics on the heat spreader. As all other gaming series RAM modules come with a full shroud as a heat spreader, Zion Blaze comes with a different heat spreader design. The heat spreader is made of aluminum and comes glued to the memory chips, heat spreaders are black with the Zion branding printing in red color.


  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Capacity: 16 GB (8 X 2)
  • Core Frequency: 2400 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 1.35 v
  • Heat Spreader: Aluminum alloy
  • Warranty: 3 years


The Zion Blaze gaming RAM are high-performance RAM and specially made for gaming, so we should test this RAM module with latest games and of course the benchmark tests. We are testing this gaming RAM in our gaming PC, the configuration is Core i5 6th gen 2.7 GHz, Asus Z170 Pro motherboard and Sapphire Radeon R7 270 GPU.

First one is the NovaBench benchmark and after running the whole PC benchmark test we got the overall score as 1208 which is a good score. And if we talk about the RAM performance, NovaBench awarded 235 to the RAM only and it turned out to be a good score. The numbers are also good on AIDA64 memory benchmark, the average read speed is 17968 MB/s and the write speed is 18514 MB/s, the latency is 58/3 ns.

And now is the time for the real thing for which this RAM module is made for; gaming. So we tested Battlefield 3 and FarCry 3 on ultra settings, both the games ran smoothly with 30 frames per second but we saw some frame rate drop in Battlefield 3 during some movie scenes.


If you are creating a PC for entry level gaming then 8 GB RAM is best for you from this series but of you are a gamer and also edit videos then 16 GB can be the game breaker. You’ll get more work done because we have more memory than usual, you can even multitask games even though you won’t buy you can.