The Zakk Hunter happens to be unique in a way as this headphone packs a bunch of handy features. Not only does it feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity, but it also comes with a microSD card slot, as well as a built-in FM. Priced at INR 2000, let’s find out whether its day to day performance is worth its price tag.

Design and Comfort

Image05 5The headphone comes neatly packed in a premium, attractive-looking box. Inside the box, you get the Zakk Hunter Bluetooth headset, along with a USB data cable, an AUX cable, a headphone carrying pouch, and the user manual.

The overall build quality of the headphone works rather well for the price. The soft-cushioned ear cups makes them comfortable to wear for long. Besides, they don’t feel too tight, and these didn’t hurt my ears after wearing them. All in all, I was delighted with the way it fits around your ears. Besides, they’re lightweight and foldable, which makes them compact enough to fit into your bags easily.

Sound Quality and Performance

Image04 5I found it easy to pair them with my Bluetooth smartphone and listen to music and podcasts. When you turn them on, an LED light starts blinking, and they’re ready to pair. Setting it up was a breeze, once turned on, it will automatically search for pairing. Just make sure whatever device you’re pairing has the Bluetooth on. Once connected, I could walk around listening to music, control the volume thru the volume buttons on the headset. Besides, you can plug them directly into your device with the bundled AUX cable. The buttons on either side are easily accessible, and I could control them easily with my hand without having to put it out of my head and then figuring it out.

In terms of sound quality, the bass response is quite impressive without being overpowering, and the mid-range and high range sounds are really good. All in all, the sound quality is pretty decent, but nothing spectacular. The headphone could have been even better if it had better noise canceling. Besides, you can feel a slight crackling sound when listening to music at MAX volume. But for the price and features this one offers, it shouldn’t be a huge concern.

Without Bluetooth, you can listen to music using FM radio or SD card slot, and this is a very rare feature I have ever seen in any headphones, which makes them very versatile. Besides, I also liked the fact that these come with a built-in radio function as well. Battery-wise, it comes with a 300mAh battery. For a moderate user like me, the 6-hour battery life claimed here seems pretty generous.

Wrap Up

Image08 5These are really nice headphones for the price range. It’s a simple plug and play wireless Bluetooth headset, with the added bonus of an FM Radio and a microSD card slot. The overall sound quality is crisp and clear. Besides, it’s well-built, lightweight, and compact, which makes them easy to carry around. All in all, the Zakk Hunter is a lightweight, comfortable headphone with decent sound quality and battery life.