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ZAAP Touchless Hand Door Opener and Stylus – Your companion safety tool for COVID-19

Manufacturers are now launching no-touch tools to keep people safe during this pandemic. The idea being that no part of the body comes in contact with potential viral hotspots. For instance, the door latch of your Uber or Ola ride, or in public restrooms. Zaap’s new key chain touch tool dubbed as ‘Touchless hand door opener and stylus’, is an accessory that you can attach to your key chain or wallet, so you can open doors or use ATMs and elevators, without touching shared surfaces to help combat the spread of the infection. Priced at INR 499, let’s find out if this accessory works as advertised, and can actually keep you safe this COVID-19 pandemic.

Design and Functionality

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Made of 100 percent copper alloy, the stylus has natural anti-microbial properties. The hook-shaped design makes it ideal for drawer pulls, as well as door handles. The L-shaped form factor allows you to exert plenty of pressure using two fingers for opening doors or drawers. Not to mention, it’s large finger loop accommodates thumb and index tip for most users, while the curved hook ensures you get a solid grip on whatever object you need to use. Meanwhile, the stylus tip allows for easy pushing of most types of buttons.


The tool is portable and easy to carry along. The item is about my palm’s size and small enough to not become a nuisance in my pockets. That said, it’s sturdy enough to handle heavy pull loads. You can use this hook to open the office door, bathroom door, and any other door lock which has a handle. Hence, without touching the door’s handle with your bare hands, you can use this tool to open the door, and avoid direct contact with shared surfaces.

I also tried using this on Google Quick Draw on my iPad and faced no issues with the screen whatsoever using the pointy tip. Though, on my iPhone, which had a thick tempered glass screen on top of the screen, the touch operations weren’t that smooth and responsive.


Wrap Up

The ZAAP Touchless hand door opener and stylus is a useful tool to have during this pandemic. It can avoid our contact with shared surfaces, which other people may have come into contact with, eventually preventing virus and bacteria very effectively. Besides, it’s simple to use and very easy to carry around, so you can carry it easily when you step out. Just remember to clean it when you’re back home.

Not to mention, at INR 499, it’s cheap, so if you happen to ruin one, you can buy another one.

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