YouTube Premium’s Enhanced Bitrate 1080p Resolution Arrives on Android and TVs

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YouTube has finally expanded its YouTube Premium-exclusive “enhanced bitrate” 1080p resolution option to Android devices and TVs, following its initial rollout on iOS earlier this year and subsequent availability on the web in August. This improvement brings a noticeable boost in video quality compared to the standard 1080p option, offering crisper details, reduced banding, and smoother playback.

Key Highlights:

  • YouTube Premium subscribers can now enjoy enhanced bitrate 1080p resolution on Android devices and TVs.
  • This upgrade delivers superior video quality compared to standard 1080p, resulting in sharper details, minimized banding artifacts, and smoother playback.
  • The enhanced bitrate 1080p option is currently available to YouTube Premium users on Android devices, TVs, iOS devices, and the web.

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YouTube Premium subscribers have long enjoyed access to exclusive features, including ad-free viewing, background play, and offline downloads. Now, the enhanced bitrate 1080p resolution further enhances the Premium experience, providing a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience for those who value high-quality video content.

Benefits of Enhanced Bitrate 1080p

The benefits of enhanced bitrate 1080p include:

  • Crisper details: Enhanced bitrate 1080p provides sharper details and finer image quality, particularly in scenes with fine lines or text.

  • Reduced banding: Banding is a visual artifact that can occur in video compression, causing noticeable color transitions or “banding” patterns. Enhanced bitrate 1080p helps to reduce banding artifacts, resulting in smoother color transitions.

  • Smoother playback: Enhanced bitrate 1080p can also lead to smoother playback, especially in fast-paced scenes or videos with high motion. This is due to the increased bitrate, which allows for more data to be delivered to the viewer’s device.

Technical Details

The enhanced bitrate 1080p resolution option utilizes a higher bitrate compared to the standard 1080p option. This means that more data is used to encode the video, resulting in a noticeable improvement in image quality. The specific bitrate used for enhanced bitrate 1080p varies depending on the video content, but it is generally around 12 Mbps or higher.

Availability and Compatibility

The enhanced bitrate 1080p option is currently available to YouTube Premium users on Android devices, TVs, iOS devices, and the web. To access this feature, ensure you have an active YouTube Premium subscription and update your YouTube app to the latest version. Once updated, you should see the option for enhanced bitrate 1080p in playback settings.

YouTube’s enhanced bitrate 1080p resolution marks a significant step forward in providing YouTube Premium subscribers with an even more premium viewing experience. This improvement offers noticeable enhancements in video quality, making it a worthwhile addition for those who value high-definition content.

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