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Youtube launches in-app messaging feature for easier video sharing

YouTube video sharing

YouTube has started to roll out yet another update for the users worldwide. This time the Video sharing giant come up with video sharing and chat feature to increase the user’s engagement on its platform. However, before this update, YouTube has been involved in testing the beta version of the feature since May last year.

This new feature allows users to text along with video sharing, inviting up to 30 people to the conversation, sharing another video within the chat window to reply, and sharing the video with the multiple contacts. Also, the shared video can be like by clicking the heart shaped icon tab and play the video the in landscape mode. The company also allows users to text along with emojis to make the conducive environment for the chatting.


Also, YouTube has also embedded a “Shared” tab at the bottom of the app that allows users to share the videos with their contacts and keep track of their conversations. This recent update makes the Youtube much more flexible and very conducive to use. This is the welcome change by the company, and surely it will be loved by the majority of tech enthusiasts and the Android users worldwide.

Before this update, the previous app version came with the updates like sending videos via phone or tablet to the users game console, smart TV, or Chromecast. The update also allows users to create an infinite playlist of songs with unlimited skips and check out all the videos and personalized recommendations.