YouTube Create Expands to 13 More Countries: A Deep Dive into New Features and Opportunities

Youtube expands

YouTube has broadened the horizon for creators worldwide by extending YouTube Create to an additional 13 countries. This expansion not only increases the platform’s global footprint but also introduces unique features aimed at enhancing the creator experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Expanded Access: Creators in 13 more countries can now leverage YouTube Create.
  • Enhanced Monetization: New ways to earn through fan funding and affiliate programs.
  • Lower Eligibility Criteria for YouTube Partner Program (YPP): Easier access for newcomers.
  • YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program: Expanded for creators with over 20,000 subscribers.


Youtube expands

Unveiling YouTube’s Latest Enhancements

Easing Access to Monetization

YouTube is making it simpler for emerging creators to start earning by lowering the eligibility criteria for its Partner Program. This move is designed to encourage more creators to join YouTube and start monetizing their content earlier in their journey. By adjusting the threshold to 500 subscribers and introducing new metrics for Shorts creators, YouTube is democratizing access to monetization features such as Super Chat, Super Thanks, and channel memberships.

Boosting Creator Earnings with Fan Funding

The platform’s fan funding features have seen a significant uptick, with a more than 20% increase in channels earning the majority of their revenue through these means in the US alone. This trend underscor es the growing importance of direct audience support for creators across genres and formats.

Expanding the YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program

For established creators, YouTube’s Shopping affiliate program now extends to all eligible U.S.-based creators in the Partner Program with over 20,000 subscribers. This expansion offers creators more opportunities to earn commissions by featuring and tagging products in their videos and Shorts. With partnerships with over 50 brands, creators can easily integrate product promotions into their content, providing a seamless shopping experience for their audience.

A New Chapter for Global Creators

The expansion of YouTube Create marks a significant milestone in YouTube’s ongoing efforts to support creators worldwide. By lowering the entry barriers to the Partner Program and enhancing monetization avenues through fan funding and affiliate marketing, YouTube is fostering a more inclusive and lucrative environment for content creators. This initiative not only benefits creators but also enhances the viewer experience by offering more diverse and engaging content.


The introduction of these features in 13 additional countries signifies YouTube’s commitment to nurturing global talent and underscores the platform’s role in shaping the future of digital content creation. As YouTube continues to evolve, it remains an indispensable platform for creative expression and entrepreneurship in the digital age.


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