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Your burning questions about Esports

Esports simply means electronic sports and it is more concerned with video gaming competition. E-sports online betting is accessible and eligible to persons above the age of 18 years in the UK, with validation checks done on reputable sites before one is able to place a bet. In the UK, E-sports online betting is licensed and regulated under the UK Gambling Commission and Gambling Act 2005.

Unfortunately, in the US eSports gambling is not legal and is prohibited with the Supreme court cancelling the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which allowed each state to decide whether online betting was legal or not. Very few states in the US such as Nevada, Oregon and Delaware are eSports betting not outlawed, nevertheless, it is not regarded and recognized as a sport and thus its gambling is not well defined and regulated. However, in countries such as Malta, Spain, Denmark, Japan and Italy Esports online betting are regulated and perfectly legal and accessible to citizens of the respective countries.

Community Esports League

Community eSports league refers to a group of Esports team brought together and backed by major sponsors, partnering with gaming publishers, compete in season matches to vie to be on top of their community leagues. This community leagues have categories such as the premier league and lower leagues. Teams are rewarded for winning top spots in their leagues, while others are relegated to the lower leagues.

Additionally, eSports community leagues are now popular in schools and colleges, where students create their own mini-leagues and compete across a season. Examples of such leagues are the NBA 2K League, Overwatch league and league of legends. Esports community leagues offer a good chance for you to follow and bet on these leagues through Esports online betting.

Esports Tournaments

Esports tournaments are just like other traditional sports such as football tournaments like the world cup tournament. In Esports tournaments potential players and teams compete in a qualifying round before getting to the actual tournaments. Esports tournaments are usually made up of multiple teams and players, which compete through the group stages up to the finals where the winner would be decided. Unlike in the past where Esports tournaments were held online, they are currently held in front of live audiences at physical events such as the Wembley Arena.

It is important to know and understand the Esports tournaments as it enhances your chances of making good betting decisions with regards to Esports gambling. Most of the Esports tournaments are annual events happening yearly around the world. Some of the leading Esports tournaments are Dota 2 tournament, Counterstrike: Global Offensive major tournaments (CS: GOMajors) tournament, Overwatch World cup, Intel Extreme master’s tournament among others. These tournaments offer prize money for the winning teams in every edition of the tournaments.

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