16 years old Anmol Tukrel’s Search Engine Algorithm gives 47% better results than Google

A 16-year old Indian origin Canadian boy, Anmol Tukrel from Toronto has created a search engine algorithm which he claims to be the one 47% more accurate and powerful than Google SERP.

The new CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai, who has just been awarded with this designation, cannot help cursing his luck. Where he was supposed to take Google to new heights, he now has to girdle up to give a good fight to Anmol Tukrel, a student from Holy Trinity School in Toronto, who has not only created a search engine at his young age but claims it to be more precise than Google.

This search engine although was designed as a part of Anmol’s project for the competition that was to be submitted to Google Science Fair, which is a global online competition that is open to students aged 13-18 years.

Anmol Tukrel, a 16-year old student from Holy Trinity School in Toronto, who has not only created a search engine at his young age but claims it to be 47% more precise and powerful than Google.

For completing the same, Tukrel took few months and assistance from the Python language development environment as well as a spreadsheet program along with Google access.

As per the wonder teen, who probably learnt coding when he was just in 3rd grade, the search engine assembled by him tries to interpret with the help of browsing history, the context as well as meaning of what users are trying to know. No wonder he could complete the coding of the engine within 60 hours.

The accuracy of his search engine and the Google was compared by him using news articles from the reputed press, ‘The New York Times’.

Sanjay Ramakrishnan, co-initiator of Bengaluru-based Ice-Creams laboratories, admires the boy’s attempt to even thinking of excelling over the king of the internet, the Google.

Anmol does deserve words of praises from us all for doing wonders at such a young age. Not only is he running his own company, ‘Tacocat Computers’, but also looking forward to developing some news aggregator and get it licensed to good marketing agencies.

Rumors have that the boy may also join Peter Theil, the founder of Paypal’s foundation. However, Anmol tries to evade saying that he won’t be considering to drop out from his college and behave as arrogant as to know everything.

Well, India seems to be making a really good name in the world of technology, and we can proudly ask it ‘What’s Next?”.

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