Yahoo will shut down LiveText, Games and more

Yahoo has decided to shut down few of its products such as LiveText, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Astrology, and more. The recent blog post on Tumblr reveals Yahoo outlined a plan for simplifying the business and focusing on strengths across seven core consumer products during its last earnings call and decided to shut down these products.

Those who have made in-game purchases through the channel will now have to look for ways with the game publisher so that they can explore if there is anything to transfer the same. Yahoo states it has contacted game publishers regarding a transition plan for players in the coming days.

Introduced a year ago, Yahoo Livetext is a real-time video texting application that allows users to send videos without sound. The company believes it was faster video communication platform that depended on non-verbal communication, instead of sound.

Yahoo will also end support to some of its local, niche media properties to streamline the editorial process and focus predominantly on four of its content areas that include news, sports, finance, and lifestyle.

Yahoo has also decided to discontinue BOSS JSON Search API, BOSS Hosted Search, BOSS Placefinder and Placespotter APIs by March 31. The move is said to be focused towards streamlining products for Yahoo’s developer community.

yahoo further states that its new JavaScript solution in the form of YPA manage its search engine results pages, and publishers can now monetize across devices on search ads with its free algorithmic search results.

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