Yahoo Messenger App Livetext Launched at Hong Kong iTunes App Store

Yahoo Messenger app had come up with the newest version that also friends to get connected to each other via a video streaming medium.

This application also known as Yahoo Live text – Video Messenger has been doing rounds with the combination of rich texts with an ability to work with the video streaming.

The audio is blanked out, and users can check in with their expressions over the text that is been sent.

The app had been brought out by Yahoo and is currently available with the Hong Kong iTunes App Store.

Yahoo states that this application is not just an easy substitute over others while it is a completely new application with a rich way to interact with users.

With the rise of smartphones and eventually with a new age over convenience and speed, this application goes through a major renovation of contact friends using a video support.

This also enhances in expressing oneself without the difficulty of writing it down in texts.

According to Yahoo officials, the audio has been removed for the sake that the world would not need such in terms of expressing.

The application can be used using a cellular connection or over a Wi-Fi network and can be used for only over a one on one conversation rather than creating groups as it happens in Whatsapp.

Apparently, it does not have the sensible video calling with audio as it happens over Skype, Viber and Facetime.

With the help of the LiveText ID, users can check in with their newly created profiles and also find friends available using the same application within their address book.