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Yahoo and Mindshare release their ‘Mobile Customer Journey-2016’ Results

Yahoo and Mindshare jointly performed a market analysis called the “Mobile Customer Journey-2016” and announced their results. The study identifies different categories of mobile users including frequent travelers. It also highlights the role of mobile devices and consumer packaged goods on their purchase decisions.

The study analyses the process of decision making involved in the purchase of electronic devices, stage after stage. It reveals the factors that drive and the ones that create barriers for the consumers.

Since the study is based in India, it aims to equip the marketers with an insight into a dynamic market. It is a communication medium from consumers to manufacturers allowing them to cater to an ever growing market.

Since the process of decision making is non-linear for consumers, it gets difficult for marketing experts to generalize their strategies. A seamless shopping is extremely important to driving consumers.

Following are the key findings from the research:

Drivers and Barriers:

A- Time is a major constraint. 31% shoppers admitted to this

B- Discounts and coupons are key drivers according to 28% buyers

C- 21% say that convenience is important

Results vary from city to city:

A- Kolkata has the highest no. of online buyers (75%) whereas Mumbai (35%) prefers other mediums

B- Chennai is at 64% and Delhi at 57%

Mobile browsing usually leads to buying:

A- Out of the total browsing for products online, 79% prefer buying on a mobile, 9% on a PC or a laptop and 12% prefer buying them physically

B- Creating brand images is key

Categorise Consumers

A- 90% of online purchasers do it for saving time

B- 36% prefer buying products and services like insurance, online, compared to 24% of health products

C- Categories with significant in-store purchases include Personal Hygiene (30%) & Luxury Accessories (27%).