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Xplore Health Technologies launches the world’s first Smart Respiratory Training device Airofit PRO in India at Rs 34,990

In a momentous development for respiratory health and fitness, Xplore Health Technologies, the country’s leading futuristic Medtech solutions provider has come up with a first-of-its-kind respiratory muscle training (RMT) device called Airofit PRO in collaboration with Airofit, Denmark. Lying at the intersection of advanced Medtech and modern respiratory medicine, it is the world’s first personal data-driven smart respiratory training system.

Possessing the ability to pair with a smartphone, Airofit PRO can truly personalize the breathing training experience for anyone making their respiratory muscles stronger, faster, and more efficient. Importantly, the device can train both inspiratory and expiratory muscles, another unique feature. Essentially, the device works by subjecting the diaphragm and other breathing muscles to resistance training, an exercise involving resistance wheels providing adjustable but restricted airflow to the individual. To explain, since the resistance causes fatigue in breathing muscles, it gets compensated by muscle tissue growth thereby making respiratory muscles more robust allowing longer and deeper breathing.

Taking personalized training to a new level, the device not only factors in age, size, gender, and preference, but also takes into account the baseline vital lung capacity and breathing muscle strength of an individual, all of which are critical inputs before starting any training. The device checks Vital Lung capacity every day and tracks various parameters of lung health improvements every day. Offering 17 unique breathing sessions, the device has a real-time live guidance platform that guides a person through all exercises and sessions while tracking his progress derived from real-time data. Moreover, going beyond simple respiratory muscle training (RMT), the device also addresses other related aspects of breathing such as Respiratory strength, Vital capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.

An easy-to-use device designed to be used separately from other physical activity, it only takes 10 minutes of training commitment with Airofit every day, and any chances of running out of breath become near-negligible within a couple of months of regular training. For a new buyer of the product, the company has announced an offer of 90 days free trial of its premium features, including goal-specific training programs.

“While most of us concentrate on overall fitness and training, we forget that respiratory strength remains the engine of all other muscle training activities. After all, breath is a crucial life force for all of us. So, we not only need to breathe the right way but possessing a high lung capacity is equally very important. And just as we go to the gym to build our muscles in our upper and lower limbs, we can also train our breathing muscles such as the diaphragm and intercostals in becoming stronger and healthier thereby boosting our respiratory muscle strength and lung capacity. Along the lines of regular muscle training, Airofit PRO also employs resistance training in order to increase the strength and capacity of our breathing muscles. In other words, using Airofit is equivalent to taking our diaphragm to the gym in a way, said Mr. Pankaj Balwani, the founder & CEO of Xplore Health Technologies.

“India suffers from the twin scourges of persistent high pollution and high respiratory disease burden. The country not only is repeatedly ranked among the most polluted countries in the world, but it also bears the global burden of nearly 30 percent of respiratory diseases. In another estimate, a whopping 10 percent of lung disease-related deaths in the world happen in our country. In fact, in the first year of Covid-19, more people died of other respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis than the pandemic itself. Now apart from the persisting remnants of Covid-19 and also the perpetual fear of a new mutant showing up coupled with the fact that the winter pollution is already upon us, the launch of Airofit PRO is very timely. The device has already shown impressive results for patients with post-Covid respiratory complications as well as other respiratory disorders such as COPD, lung cancer, and sleep apnea. In fact, apart from addressing respiratory issues, using Airofit also helps in boosting daily energy, lowering heart rate, lifting anaerobic levels and improve sleep and overall well-being added Mr. Balwani.