Xiaomi plans to replicate Apple’s 3D technology in upcoming phones

Xiaomi has made its mark in India by offering value for money smartphones. Now, the company is planning to match up to Apple’s standards by employing its 3D Touch technology in its upcoming phones.

In the past, Xiaomi had already incorporated various iPhone-like features in its devices. Although, it remains unclear whether Xiaomi is going to develop its private technology or would just lift the one used by Apple.

As per a tipster, GforGames on Weibo, Xiaomi has got a technology patented, which is identical to Apple’s 3D Touch. Apple introduced this pressure-sensitive technology in its iPhone 6s.

Xiaomi is not the only maker that is trying to replicate the technology mentioned above, Samsung is also in the queue to integrate it with the help of Synaptics’ touchscreen controller.

Apple heavily inspires Xiaomi; even its CEO Lei Jun had come under the media scanner for copying Steve Job’s famous turtleneck and blue jeans style.

Not just that, its latest MIUI 6 also looks pretty much like the iOS 7. Xiaomi always has got labeled as the ‘Apple of China’ and it pretty much enjoys that tag.

Recently, Xiaomi got a backlash when it complained about the drop in sales due to rising competition.

Many critics accused it of replicating other maker’s design and not putting its idea into the devices.

Moreover, by various reports, Apple has acquired the number one spot in China, which was earlier enjoyed by Xiaomi.

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