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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 leak suggests curved display: Features and specifications

According to new leaks, it seems like Xiaomi is gearing up to launch three different versions of Mi Note 2. Information leaked by Feng Weiwen, who is also the editor of Shenzhen Digital Technology, indicates that there will be different versions, and one of the variants will feature a curved screen.

It is evident that three different variants of the same phone will carry substantially different details in order to differentiate amongst the models. As of now, it is speculated that the standard model will have a single camera on the rear. It will bring along the regular quick charge function and will be equipped with a ‘Hi-Fi’ chip.

And, things will be taken a notch higher with the ‘High’ version. Reveals indicate that there will be a dual-camera setup on the back of the device. There will be a ‘super quick charging’ feature instead of the ‘regular quick charging’. Both the models will be equipped with a Hi-Fi chip which is apparently the only common link here.

Then, there are reports about the top of the line version. The boss of the lot. The Premium version is speculated to support a curved display. This model is supposed to come out with the high-end Hi-Fi chip and a super quick charging feature as well.

As of now, there is no certainty regarding the features of these individual variants because the source of the leaks did not reveal much and rendered zero detail about the concept of these features. No one exactly knows what a Hi-Fi chip or the super quick charging feature is.

About the additional hardware specifications, we are most probably looking at 5.7-inch full HD screen along with a Snapdragon 820 or 823. The phone is expected to be launched in July (third quarter) and may pack a 6GB RAM.