Xiaomi is really getting into others business, smartphone then laptops and now a wireless mouse. What else do we expect from Xiaomi? I’m sure whatever Xiaomi will create next will be of best quality and with top notch hardware. Xiaomi released Mi Mouse, a wireless portable mouse and a perfect companion for Xiaomi Mi Book and MacBook. Let us see how it is the best companion for your Mi Book and MacBook.


Like the Mi Mouse, the box is also portable and slim; there is a picture of Mi Mouse on the top and some information at the bottom of the box. Inside the box, the mouse is sitting on a cardboard tray and beneath the tray is the quick start guide, it’s in Chinese so we can’t read it but pictures helps a lot. The receiver is inside the mouse, and no batteries are included inside the box, had to buy two AAA batteries.


The mouse we got is silver color; it also comes in gold to match it with the color of Xiaomi Mi-Book with its classy aluminum design. The mouse is made of plastic with an aluminum shell on the palm rest, the buttons are also plastic, and the scroll wheel is smaller than usual with a rubber material for grip. Below the mouse is the laser sensor with on/off button and mode toggle, also there is a rotate open battery door which also holds the receiver dongle for wireless operation. The mouse is kind of flat which I’m not used to of and also a little less comfortable for longer use, but the flat look makes the mouse suitable to store in a backpack.


Xiaomi Mi Mouse is a great mouse which comes with two type of connectivity including Bluetooth, either you can use it using the receiver, or you can connect to it using Bluetooth. There is a button on the bottom of the mouse to switch between these two modes; the Bluetooth mode is the best for Windows tablets. Mi Mouse operates with two AAA size batteries and to save battery mouse go to sleep during idle condition.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse is equipped with the high-precision photoelectric sensor which enables the mouse to be accurate up to 1200 dpi. Which also enable Mi mouse to work on most of the surfaces including frosted glass, cloth, and A4 paper. The dpi is not adjustable, so you have to stay with the 1200dpi or adjust it on your PC settings.


First, we have to talk about the design performance, and it’s not pleasing while working but when it comes to storing it for traveling, job well done! We tried the mouse in almost every place we could, and it worked great except on the glass, it didn’t work good on the glass even on the frosted glass. It works with an A4 paper placed above the glass except this; the mouse did best on all the other glasses mentioned by Xiaomi. The connection is also good, it’s plug and play, so you don’t need any driver and Bluetooth range is decent.

The buttons are also useful but do create a clicking sound like it’s hollow from inside, the scroll wheel is good only if you like small ones. There are no soft feet below the mouse so if you are using it on your wooden desk (like I do), it creates a plastic dragging sound. Although this mouse is not at all for gaming purposes I still played a game with Mi Mouse, and it turned out that it’s really not made for gaming.


  • Dimension: 110.2 X 57.2 X 23.6 mm
  • Weight: 77.5 g
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum alloy
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4G wireless adapter
  • Laser sensor accuracy: 1200 dpi
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 and later


  • Sleek and portable design
  • High accuracy (1200 dpi)


  • Flat design is less comfortable for long hours

Bottom Line

Xiaomi Mi Portable mouse is a premium mouse for Mi-Book and MacBook, it can be used for other laptops and desktops. The main reason you could buy this mouse for you is because it’s a super portable mouse which can be stored in a laptop bag without any problem. The price of the Mi Mouse is Rs 1,971 available on online stores in China that ships it to India as well, it’s cheaper than other brands offering wireless mouse.