Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Piston 3 Reddot Design Headphones Review: Is it worth buying?

Xiaomi Mi Earphones

Finding a perfect pair of headphones that are good on quality and do not blow a hole in one’s pocket is quite a weary task and that’s because we have so many options available in the budget segment.

Xiaomi launched its Mi in-ear headphones in July, 2015 and this elegant yet sturdy piece of audio solution is priced now at Rs. 999. There is no code name for this product which is pretty odd. For the reader’s ease I will mention it as Mi in this review.

Xiaomi has a lot of promises related to Mi headphones that it mostly does fulfill but the million-dollar question that we have is: Are these the best set of headphones for Rs. 999?


The packaging around these headphones is quiet an eye candy. A cloud white paper box encapsulates the reusable plastic casing of the product. The Headphones themselves are wrapped around a rubber holder. Packed along with the headphones are 3 pairs of ear buds of different sizes. The packing gives the product an enticing emanation and Mi gains an attention quiet beautifully.


Design and Comfort

When it comes to looks, the headphones are nothing less than the casing they lie in. Mi sports a remarkable design with both edges and curves. A woody texture gives it an outstanding look and makes it one of the best looking in-ear headphones in the budget segment. Xiaomi has publicized the application of a patented “sandwich” design and claims that an aerospace grade metal was used to build its diaphragm. The design gives these headphones an edge over its competitors.

The buds fit comfortably in ears and do not fall out easily all thanks to the patented design. Although, a fraction of a part extends out of the ear pinna but that’s nothing to worry about for the comfort it provides. The buds are also marked with left and right demarcations. The sandwich design also has a great advantage and that is identification of left and right ear buds. As soon as you hold them in your hand you will know which piece needs to go where that means you wouldn’t have to wild guess while putting them on in the dark.

The mic and volume rocker control segment lies close to the right speaker and falls down to the chin. The segment holds 3 buttons; volume up, volume down and pause/play/call. Since the buttons are embossed out they are easy to differentiate from one another.

Build Quality

Build quality of these headphones is also one of the features in favor of the product. Xiaomi has incorporated a Kevlar layering over the wires that run in. Braided covering over the cable gives the product a strong built and lasting durability. Mi does not tangle a lot and that’s one of my favorite features it has to offer.

The buttons on the volume rocker are a bit clicky and seem fragile but Xiaomi claims that it has an extended press count over other earphones. The buttons are not shaky despite they protrude out a little and thus it is safe to assume they will last.


This is where the Mi headphones fall short of enchanting its users. The bass on Mi does not generate satisfactory outcome which will probably make you wonder that the treble must be sharp, which isn’t the case. The treble is not too deep which saves your ears of the unpleasant shrill at mid ranges. Sound clarity in mid ranges is also commendable and various instruments played in a track can be well reached.

Sound clarity is maintained best at around 60 percent and above 75 percent you may want to turn the volume down. Vocals are something to look up to in the Mi which means watching movies or listening to country and jazz music is pretty much a pleasure. The sandwich design makes them comfortable enough to be used for hours.

Where Mi really needs to work, to make these headphones sound as good as they look, are the highs. High notes at full volume will compel you to take these off your ears especially if you are accustomed to moderate volumes.

I compared the Mi to Skullcandy Ink’d and there was a noteworthy difference in the bass. Highs on the Ink’d were not too bright but at mid-range they lost clarity and that’s where Mi leads.

But then again using Mi in a noisy ambiance is not a pleasure either since you need to turn up the volume and that’s when things turn noisy.

Mi works with both Android and iOS devices and the mic works quiet well. Sound quality while on a call gives ample amount of clarity. The mic is not too sensitive and that increases the sound quality on the transmitting end as well.



  • For the price these are one of the best looking and most durable in-ear headphones for sale.
  • For those who are accustomed to listening to music at a moderate volume, these headphones are a catch.
  • Buying these buds is not a good idea if you are a lover of hip-hop or dub-step. There are several other options to choose from.

You can buy them from Gearbest.com for $13.89.


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