Chinese company Xiaomi is celebrating a successful five years by offering amazing deals on their stylish smartphones. What’s even more interesting is that they have decided to expand their reach through e-commerce. The Chinese company has made a deal with Amazon India, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

Xiaomi’s vice-president Hugo Barra announced this new company strategy via tweet. Xiaomi decided to use this move as its marketing strategy in India, citing, the country’s growing online market. It also came together as a strategy to reduce transportation and dealer costs. However, to keep up with the ever increasing demand, the company is looking for new ways of distributing more of its products.

So far, the company has identified the growing demand for its handsets in India. The last time they sold some of their phones in the country, they failed to secure enough for the available orders. The Chinese industry is considering setting up a production firm in India. The plans are set to take shape within the next two years. The company has however already started offline sales through The Mobile Store.

There is no difference in pricing between The Store and the online markets. Apart from colluding with already existing e-commerce platforms such as Amazon India, Xiaomi also plans to launch it’s on e-commerce store in India. The announcement came in November 2014. Barra confirmed that the project would take place within the first 6 to 9 months of 2015. The shipping charges for the devices after online purchases are Rs 50.

Another additional fact that most people will love is the fact that there is no online registration required while making a purchase. However, this raises the question of security. Will it be safe to make a purchase without registration? The e-commerce websites usually ensure the honoring of warranties, so there is an aspect of secure purchases.

Xiaomi is making progress in the Indian market. This appeal for their product means they offer good quality.