Xiaomi launches a dishwasher that is controlled with the mobile

xiaomi lavavajillas viomi

Xiaomi has a wide range of smart products for the home. Among the most recent are kitchen stoves that are controlled by the mobile, and yesterday they presented a cheaper version of their cup with jets for the toilet. Now, it is the turn of a dishwasher that can be controlled with the mobile phone, which they have launched together with Viomi.

Consumption of 7 liters in a single wash and up to 70ºC

If we want to have a smart home in the future, the whole process must be that all devices have an Internet connection to control them remotely or to know if there are any that are causing problems. With this Xiaomi the dishwasher adds to the smart home.

At the performance level, the dishwasher reaches 70 ° C in both the washing mode and the hot air drying mode. This eliminates as many bacteria as possible and achieves 99.99% sterilization. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to even have to be disinfecting it inside. If it is not used for two days, a hot air sterilization system is automatically activated.

xiaomi lavavajillas viomi

The design is similar to that of a dishwasher like the one we can find in Any company. In the lower part, we have a hole for plates, while there are larger ones for bowls, long glasses or pans, as well as having a basket for the cutlery. In the upper part, you can put smaller cups or bowls.

The consumption of the dishwasher is low, using only 7 liters of water compared to the 21 liters that are spent washing by hand, as verified by Xiaomi themselves in an experiment where they washed 8 sets of plates, 4 glasses, and 64 place settings. The Xiaomi dishwasher has different modes, including a quick one that performs a full wash and dries in just 28 minutes.

An intelligent dishwasher from Xiaomi: controllable from the mobile

As we said, the dishwasher has WiFi, which allows us to control it with the mobile even from outside the house. Among the things we can do is pause the wash, choose the mode, see how much time is left to wash, at what temperature is the interior right now or notify us with an alarm when finished. We can also schedule that you wash at night if we have contracted time discrimination leaving it loaded and with the tablet previously. In addition to the application, we can also use the touch buttons that the dishwasher itself incorporates.

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In the rest of specifications, we find that its weight is 31 kg, and has a consumption of 1,800 watts. Its price is 1999 RMB, about 256 euros to change. It is a fairly tight price considering that it is similar to what other basic dishwashers cost. The high range usually comes to be worth over 500 euros in the case of brands like Bosch.

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