Xiaomi has become one of the leading smartphone producers in India. Known for making quality products at reasonable prices, Xiaomi India has been propelled as the top-selling brand in the country, and recently it announced a growth of 150% and revenue of $1 Billion.

Redmi mobiles are one of the most economical, best-selling and features filled smartphone presently in the Indian Market. The only other brand with can rub shoulders with it is OnePlus. The OnePlus continue to dominate the premium range segment. Xiaomi has sold one million smartphones in 18 days, and more than two million units for the first time in the III quarter of 2016.

With India going digital and cashless, more and more people are turning towards e-tailers for their requirements. The company has an agreement with Flipkart, and it has also topped the chart as the best selling smartphone on Flipkart.

The company has reasons to celebrate since it has reached this milestone in the shortest possible time. This was stated by the Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain in a Facebook post and revealed that Redmi Note 3 sold 2.3 million devices in six months. This makes it the most shipped device being sold online. The Redmi range including 3S, 3S Prime and Note 3 remained the top-selling brands on both Flipkart and Amazon. Together the above three brands account for 50% market share among the top 10 Smartphone in the country.

The China-based company has seen some milestones within two years of its operation in India. This was possible with a strong focus on innovation and cutting corners so as to provide the best technology at a price which could never match by most of its competitors. The handset maker has come a long way from making the poor man’s Smartphone to something more chic and modern.