The fast-growing Chinese company Xiaomi is widening its base beyond Smartphone and is going to launch its Quadcopter. The quadcopter (Drone) will be launched on May 25th, 2016.

Xiaomi said on Friday that it is all set to enter the increasingly competitive market of drones and will be releasing its first quadcopter next week.

However, the company has been tight-lipped about the details and the technical specification except giving two photos, one of a spider-like drone and the other of a toy bamboo-copter. The picture suggests that the upcoming product will be able to fly. The two pictures have been posted on its Weibo account.

Xiaomi is diversifying its businesses in a big way and last week had announced its Mi Box. It is a 4K Android TV-powered set-top box and was showcased at the ‘Google I/O‘ event on Wednesday.

More details of the Drone will be provided here when the device is released on Wednesday. However, the drone is believed to have a sophisticated camera and could record 4K quality videos and could be operated via gesture control. The teaser released by the company said that the device will be released on 25 May and will be released first in China followed by other parts of the world.

Details about Smartphone and tablets can be speculated to a large degree. However, the specification of drones is difficult since most manufacturers bring in their innovations. Rumours about the drone from Xiaomi have been floating for a long time but it is only now that it has been officially confirmed.

The device will have much application in the surveillance and rescue tasks. However Xiaomi will be focusing on budget mid-segment markets, this one will target high-end consumers as well.