Xech Wooden Soundbar Review: Affordable, well-built soundbar with decent quality sound

Soundbars have become increasingly popular these days. You can hook them up with your television sets for gaming or watching movies, or you can use them as a portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to music.  Today, we have a super affordable soundbar from the house of Xech – the Xech Wooden Sound Bar X 604. Currently priced at INR 1499 on Amazon, this Bluetooth speaker can be used both in your home and outdoors. It’s compact but loud enough that you can use it outside.

Design and Build

The first thing you notice is the use of wood in the speaker, which enhances the look of your office and home furniture. The overall build quality is quite fantastic, given the price.  The speaker looks premium and well built. Besides, it also has a nice touch to it thanks to the wooden texture. It’s lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry around while traveling. The size makes it perfect for taking along to the beach, a picnic, a hike, or any outdoor areas. Just make sure you do not use these near water, as they do not get any waterproof rating.

Pairing and Performance

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair them with your smartphone, PC, iPad, and more, within a range of 10 meters. Besides, you can also use an AUX cable or microSD card to listen to music or podcasts.
Image03Pairing the Xech Wooden soundbar with my iPhone 7 Plus was a breeze.  When you enter Bluetooth pairing mode, select the speaker and your phone, and you’re good to go.
The sound is good. It is not amazing, but it is loud with good range. The audio quality compared to other speakers I’ve tested sounds a little muffled and duller. That said, unless you’re an audiophile with far too high expectations for a Bluetooth wireless speaker in this price range, I think most people will be satisfied with the audio quality.
Image06Granted this is not a high-priced sound system, but for INR 1500, it’s a damn good deal. This speaker gets the job done. It’s compact but delivers big sound.  It not only packs a punch when I’m listening to music or watching a movie in my room, but it’s also loud enough outside. It also has some good bass for its size, which I also liked.
Not to mention, there’s a built-in FM Radio as well.And with a built-in mic, you can also use the speaker with your smartphone to answer a call.
Battery performance also seems more than adequate. The speaker is rated to deliver 5 hours on a single charge, and we found that to be pretty accurate.

Wrap Up

Image01For its price, Xech’s Wooden soundbar gets the job done. It’s compact, lightweight, and offers a decent sound quality.  It’s also smooth and nice to the touch,  and the use of wood certainly enhances the look of your home or office. The sound quality is decent with a good range. It’s also simple and easy to operate. All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable, compact Bluetooth speaker which is simple to work, look no further. The Xech Wooden Sound Bar certainly ticks all these boxes.

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