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Xbox Series X Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Controller India price and launch date revealed

Microsoft’s new Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controllers have now been announced in India. The company revealed the pricing details of the wireless controllers in the country, with the Electric Volt being the more affordable option of the two with its Rs. 5,890 price tag. The Daystrike Camo Special Edition is more pricey at Rs. 6,390. Both the controllers are set to launch in India on May 20.

Microsoft said they drew inspiration from the energy and vibrance as found in the apparel and sneaker design meant for athletes. Towards that, the controller gets a front plate done up in neon yellow while the rear end sports a white shade. The top is, in fact, covered in yellow resin that is unique in this version and is not available in any other controllers available so far even though the overall design is the same as that of the Shock Blue and Pulse Red controllers. The two joysticks also have the same neon yellow shade while the D-pad and triggers are done up in a black color scheme provides a stunning contrast.

The Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller, on the other hand, is the third in the series of Xbox special edition controllers launched so far. The other two happen to be the Night Ops Camo and the Arctic Camo Special Edition controllers. The overall color scheme is red with grey and black providing the contrast. Another unique feature of the Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller is its textured grip for the triggers and is the first among the Camo edition to have so. That is not all as it is also the first Xbox wireless controller where the entire surface of the bumpers come with a textured finish.

Apart from the Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo Special Edition controllers, Microsoft is also offering new merchandise based on the two controllers. Those include T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, and so on, all of which are going to be available from the Xbox Gear Shop. Microsoft though has stated the gear is going to be available in limited quantities.