Xbox One ‘Slim’ specs leaked: 2TB hard drive, 4K Ultra HD video, 40% slimmer console

A new leaked image of the upcoming Xbox One ‘Slim’ popped up on the popular NeoGAF Forum today. The image posted on the forum suggests a white console and gives out certain details about the new device’s specs.

According to the post on NeoGAF, the Xbox One ‘Slim’ will indeed be 40% slimmer than the current Xbox One. The image details specs on the new device as 2TB hard drive, 4K Ultra HD video, high dynamic range as well as a vertical console stand.

The device in the image appears to be placed horizontally, with a white controller with black buttons resting atop it. We guess the vertical stand will allow you to prop the Xbox One ‘Slim’ in the ‘usual’ vertical position as with its predecessors.

Ars Technica, a popular news forum reported that the new Xbox One Slim is fashioned 40% slimmer on account of Microsoft ditching its ‘powerbrick’ (AC power adapter) with the newest offering. This will be the first Xbox console that will see this vital part’s omission.

The portal continues to say that although the Xbox One ‘Slim’ will come with support for 4K resolution output, this feature will be available on the console’s menu as well as if a future developer or publisher makes content available in 4K resolutions. This means that the device itself will not go through any upgrades in terms of hardware that will work towards better output for 4K resolutions, but will come with support for content that is published in 4K formats.

The post doesn’t point towards the pricing of the upcoming Xbox One’ Slim’ nor does it inform us of exactly when to expect the device to hit markets for sales. Additionally, Microsoft has not officially confirmed any of the leaked information themselves.

Details of the Xbox One ‘Slim’ are expected to be made available during the E3 conference tomorrow, where Microsoft will hold a press release to unveil further details.