Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox division head has announced that an array of Xbox games will now be available with backward compatibility. Right now, the most in demand for this feature are the Call of Duty offerings, so it is fair to assume that they will be among the first.

Xbox 360 is one of the largest sold consoles and its lack of compatibility with the current games could cost the makers dearly. Spencer also said that the new games’ backward compatibility versions would be released in an orderly manner.

With the addition of three Xbox 360 classics, the scheme had over 250 backward compatible games. Three recent names are Bound by Flame, The Maw, and Virtua Fighter 5.

Bound by Flame: The choice between unleashing the demon within you and fighting the demonic influences is heavily guided by the negative powers in a desperate world ruled by the seven ice lords.

The Maw: The path to freedom does not only involve winning, but also beating the game.

Virtua Fighter 5: Fifth world fighting tournament sets you up against the 17 best fighters in the world. The sinister ulterior motives of the organization that is funding the tournament are bound to make you go crazy!

Criterion Games also tweeted saying that the Burnout Paradise backward compatibility is on the cards.