The Professional Portable Audio brand X-mini has launched the new range of wireless speakers in India today. The X-mini is a homegrown company and its won Red Dot Design Award for the iconic X-mini Capsule Speaker in 2008. So, here is the list of different wireless speakers.


The X-Mini Click 2 is the pocket-sized portable speaker for casual listeners and its packs with a 36mm dynamic driver unit and plays up to six hours of music on Bluetooth playback. The Click 2 deliver profound and dynamic soundstage irrespective of the genre of your music. The speaker is measure at 50 x 30.5mm, and it weighs around 85g.


The X-mini xoundbar deliver a fuller range of sound frequencies so the high and low notes of the music can be distinctly enjoyed. The speakers adhere IPX 4 certification for splash-proof capabilities. The Xoundbar is 21.5mm thick and customised with flatter drivers so that despite its slim profile.


The X-MINI KAI X Series is designed to deliver a true wireless stereo experience with a pure dynamic soundstage. The company has launched three speakers in KAI X series lineup, i.e., KAI X1, KAI X2, and KAI X3. The KAI X1 offers 6 hours of battery life, while the KAI X2 and KAI X2 provide 8 hours of backup.  The speakers deliver crystal clear vocal with excellent highs, and it comes with inbuilt memory card slot for storage expansion.


The X-mini Infiniti is the company’s high-end wireless portable speaker. The speaker is 60cm tall and its packed with built-in DSP and DPAC audio
technologies in its four-driver unit. The speaker offers excellent sound output with clarity and thumping bass.

Moreover, commenting on the launch, Co-founder and Chief Executive of X-mini, Mr. Ryan Lee said “Music is a big part of everyday life, from day-to-day routines to specially created moments. There are times we would like to amplify that feeling or mood through music with others, and that’s why we have designed a wider range of speakers to cater to varying tastes in music, as each is fine-tuned to suit different genres,”.

Price and Availability 

The X-mini Click 2 is priced at Rs. 3,490, whereas the X-mini Xoundbar comes with a price tag of Rs. 4,990. Moreover, the X-mini KAI X1, KAI X2, and KAI X3 are priced at Rs. 5990, Rs. 7990 and Rs. 9490 respectively. The high-end X-mini Infiniti will cost around Rs. 39,990.