Leveling up the Warrior class is not an easy task. Sure, you may be focused on collecting WoW Classic gold or marching through dungeons, but the leveling process here is a difficult one. They may be the most popular class in the game to some, but they struggle with low mobility and heavy reliance on their gear. However, if you are looking to punish yourself with this class, then you should know a bit more about leveling it beforehand.

Pros and Cons

Depending on your preference of how you approach the game, the Warrior provides the best challenge for players. Except for wands, they can use any weapon and are without a doubt the best tanking class in the entire game. Along with a high skill cap, and not having to worry about mana, you can see why a lot of players tend to opt for them.

Yet, they are slow levelers for sure. They depend heavily on the gear that they have and have slow mobility. They are also considered highly dependent on particular WoW Classic items and aren’t easy to use to farm WoW Classic gold. Given the sheer number of players that favor this class, it is densely overpopulated as well.

Best Race to Use

The best race to level with the Warrior depends on what you are using them for, and what faction you are siding with. From a PvE perspective, you should be looking into Human if you are Alliance. They can be instrumental against rogues if needed, though if you are with Horde then the Tauren offers decent AOE Stun and has more health. They can be handy in PvP too, as can Orcs who have useful skills such as Hardiness to increase stun resistance.

Warrior Class Leveling Tips

Now that you have a bit more background on the class and what races you could look into using, you will want a few tips on how to level up. When it comes to mobs, make sure not to overuse your abilities on too many of them, as you will want to keep your Rage in check to be used efficiently. You should be fighting mobs that are roughly around your level too.

You will want to make sure that you have a progression plan for your weapons in place to be the most effective Warrior that you can be as well. Make sure that when training that you are going to want to skip a lot of the Protection skills, as you are only going to want to train Thunder Clap, Overpower, Cleave, and Shield Bash as the necessities. Ultimately, you are looking to keep any disadvantages of being a Warrior in your mind and focus on what will be the most beneficial to you.

With all this in mind, you should be good to go with the Warrior class. You are going to need some WoW Classic items to help you out here and there, and its difficulty does leave it with some shortcomings. But you will soon see why it is such a popular class for players to use, and just why it is pretty much unrivaled when it comes to tanking. It might feel like playing the game’s equivalent of hard mode, but it’s the best class for you to challenge yourself with.

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