World Music Day: Best free music apps to download on iPhone and Android

music day

It is World Music Day today, and wouldn’t it be a shame if we went by it without appreciating the efforts of the aggregators and mediators who make it available to us. Be it lifting the mood, or finding the right songs for an occasion, these apps make lives so much easier. Here are a few of our favorite picks:

1. Shazam

Okay, there’s no way that this one did not top the list. Besides finding the trending and new music, the first of its kind app that not only identifies music that you randomly hear anywhere but also streams from YouTube. To top it off, it records the tunes for you even when you’re offline, so you can check it when you do go online.


Availability: Android and iOS
Price: Free

2. Soundcloud

One of the most popular music forums in the world has features that make it Musai’s beloved child. Easy to use and wide access has helped it make it to the list. The website even lets you upload your own music and make it easily available to the masses. You’ll be surprised to see the success stories. The quality of uncommercialised music available on the app is truly astounding. Although the upload feature is not available


Availability: Android and iOS
Price: Free

3. Spotify

This is an exciting app with good old iTunes, Windows Media Player (at one point did only one good of introducing Beethoven to children. Aahh.. Fur Elise!). What makes this one so unique is its simplicity. Subjects users to no nonsense MP3 streaming, allows them to create playlists and play according to genre/artist. Besides this, this app even facilitates FM radio. There’s not much you can ask from an app such as this.


Availability: Android and iOS
Price: Free

4. Gaana

Alright, at first I was reluctant to put this one on the list, because of the forced subscription. When I first used the app, it allowed me to download unlimited songs, and I thought that they would remain when the trial period was over but, it did not. Anyway, the app has come a long way since then (barring the cheesy advertisements). This group has the largest number of apps (staggering sixteen).


These apps range in specialization from Old Hindi songs and Top English songs to Kids rhymes and stories.

Availability: Android and iOS
Price: Free

5. iTunes (Apple Music)

Why not! Even Windows PC users have this. It is just simple to operate and has the largest collection. Stream it or download it. You can even sync the audio files from other sources in the same device.


Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

Alright then, these were our picks. If you think there are other apps that deserve a place on this list, please do mention in the comments below.


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