We all have gone through this issue at least once when our phone dies during the update process or due to some app and we’re stuck with the company logo on the screen. So if you’re one of those people who regularly create a backup then restoring won’t be an issue but things get worse if you don’t have a backup to revert too. Now during this whole debacle, you might lose your valuable data. Wondershare ‘dr.fone’ with their whole line of software to pull you through this situation with minimum data loss.

If you are under the dilemma, why my iPhone won’t turn on? Dr.fone can easily fix any kind of iOS system issues and get your device back to normal. This whole process can be done by you in about 10 minutes. We tried the repair software on our device and here’s what we found out.

What is dr.fone?

Dr.fone is a utility program that lets you repair and rescues your iOS devices. There are a bunch of modules in the suite for clearing any issue with your device ranging from data recovery to system recovery.

Is dr.fone free?

No, it is not. But there is a trial version that you can surely test out which provides you with limited capabilities. It would definitely help you to make up your mind on buying the full version.

Here are all the issues that dr.fone can fix

So here’s how it works

Once you have downloaded and installed the repair module, launch dr.fone and choose Repair from the main window. Now connect your iOS device and choose start once the device is available.

At this point, dr.fone will show the device information and other relevant data like system version, baseband version, etc.

After the device information is displayed, upon going onto the next screen, dr.fone asks you to boot the device in DFU mode. Now DFU mode is like a recovery mode, wherein you get the ability to update the system.

The process to get into DFU mode:

1) Power off your iPhone.

2) Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button together for 10 seconds.

3) Release the Power button and keep holding the Volume Down button until the device is in DFU mode.

Once you are in the DFU mode, click on start and you will be taken to the next screen. On this screen, you will be asked to confirm the model number of the device and the software version that you would like to install.

Now it is important that you choose the right version and software for your model, choosing a wrong model can harm your device.

After selecting the relevant options, dr.fone will start downloading the software for your iOS device. This process can take some time since the packages are very large in size. During the download process, make sure that you have a stable network connection.

When the download is complete, click on Fix Now to start repairing your iOS and to get your iOS device to work normally again. This process will take a couple of minutes so be patient.

After the process has completed, your device will restart automatically into normal mode. If for any reason it does not boot into normal mode, don’t panic. Just complete the whole process again and it should resolve the issue.

Verdict – Should you go for it?

Dr.fone works just as intended and as stated by the developer. The whole recovery and repair process is simple and yields positive results. Other than this, the dr.fone toolkit has some other useful features as well as the data recovery, data backup etc.

Other alternatives to dr.fone would be Apple’s own iTunes, which does some of the same stuff and is free.