Wonder material Graphene may power ultra-fast electronics in the future

Graphene, the wonder material of the present century, is finding more and more new applications. The latest discovery is its property to transmit large amounts of electricity at nanoscale opens up new opportunities in its use in advanced electronics.

Touted as the wonder material, Graphene can transmit very high levels of current making it the most suited material for the creation of ultra-fast electronics. Recent research has revealed that electrons in Graphene is extremely mobile and react very quickly.

By dashing Xe ions coupled with a high electric charge on a graphene sheet precipitates a large number of electrons to be torn away from the sheet at a precise location. However what is important is the pace at which the electrons lost are replaced in a fraction of a second. Thus a very high amount of electric current is generated in a millisecond, something which is not possible with any other material. Thus the material is able to withstand much higher electric current than previously thought. It is around 1000 times higher than possible in normal situations without damaging the electronic circuits.

A single Xe- ion has the capacity to wrench more than 20 electrons from a microscopic area of the graphene film. Compare this with the electronic configuration of Carbon which has only six electrons to start with and this is a pretty big deal. This causes the adjacent carbon atoms to become extremely +vely charged. The Xe-ion pulls out one carbon atom and this has a much smaller effect than the loss of the electron.

With each passing day, new and more varied use of Graphene is being found. Not only is it a excellent malleable sensor but it could be a perfect solution for the global warming being faced by mankind. It has a property of removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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