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WIX Logo Maker Review – An online tool to make amazing logos

We are in an era where brands and their logos play a very crucial role. They are not just the brand’s identity but define their values and culture as well. A well-crafted logo can do wonders for a brand but making one is challenging. Now getting a good designer is hard and costly at the same time. This is where Wix comes in the picture!

Wix has been around for quite a while and has been known for its free website building tool but now their newest product, the ‘Logo maker’ is here to solve all our logo related worries. Wix’s free logo maker makes it easy to design your logo with the simplest of tools with a large catalog of Fonts, Shapes, and Icons. Wix also gives you an option to download high-resolution vector files, instead of the regular JPEG and PNG formats.

From the initial impressions, the Wix Logo makers seem to be very intuitive and easy to work with. Before moving to a detailed review of Wix Logo Maker, You can view a big list of the best online logo makers here. Now, let’s dive in to see what all Wix Logo Maker has to provide.

Getting Started with the tools

Wix has gone with a simpler design just like the one they have for website development. Once you are done with the Signup process, instead of getting straight into the building process, Wix asks you some questions to tailor out the results.


The process starts by asking you some questions like the company name, tagline, what kind of brand is it, etc. One such question is ‘What describes you?’ wherein you can choose options that match the parameters that you are looking for like Formal, Fun, Timeless, Hipster, etc.

Upon choosing the appropriate keywords from the above question, Wix provides you with 5 logo suggestions in the form of cards, wherein you can click on ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’. Answering this would help the algorithm to pick out relevant logo suggestions, so I highly recommend doing so.


Once the basic setup is done, you were redirected to the screen where your company name and the optional tagline is inserted into each of the designs. I tried making a demo logo for the review, wherein the company name is ‘PC-Tablet’. As previously mentioned in the setup process, Wix knew that the company is a Technology Website and so it recommended me the logo’s that most likely defines the business. There’s a wide variety of logos to choose from. Once you’re done choosing the final design just select the design and start editing it.


The final editing is done in a logo editor which is simple to use, just like the Wix Website builder. The editor gives you plenty of options to play with, like the ability to change icon and text color, font styles, spacing, and size, etc. During the editing process, you can use the right and left arrows at the top of the editor to see how your logo could look on a website or on merchandise, which is very useful.

A logo and a website

Using Wix Logo Maker, you can seamlessly get a website that will match your logo design. Wix uses AI technology to match the perfect website to the colors, topic, and appearance of your logo and brand. This can be a big plus for anyone taking their first step in the online world.

Social Media ready files

This one is a real treat – every person that is professionally active on social media knows how important is it to maintain a professional look across all platforms, and avoid blurrily or cut off images. Nailing that aspect of social media is crucial to how your brand is perceived, and whether it is looked on as professional or not. Wix Logo Maker offers an automatic adjustment of your logo files to any major social network like YouTube, Facebook, etc. The files are ready to use down to the last pixel, with no hassle.


The signing up and logo making process is free, Wix also allows you to download the sample files for free so that you can get an opinion from your peers before finalizing the whole process.


Once you’re done finalizing, here’s how much it would cost you to get the files:

  • Basic Logo– INR 779.50 for high-resolution logo files and full commercial usage rights.
  • Professional Logo– INR 2,999.50 for high-resolution logo files, full commercial usage rights, vector files, a social media kit, brand guide, and print-ready files.
  • Professional Logo and Website– INR 5,999.50 for everything in the previous plans and a $168 promo code for your own branded website.

Verdict – Should you go for it?

The Wix free logo maker is a hassle-free solution for making effective and classy logos. It is most ideal for small businesses or individuals who do not wish to go with the more tedious and conventional route of hiring a designer but wish to take the matter into their own hands. Plus, if you’re going with the Professional Logo and Website plan you get a lot for your buck, the overall integration of both the logo and website would be seamless making the deal worth it.

I totally recommend this to people looking to create stunning logos without breaking a sweat or your bank.