With the SBA15 and SBA15GM, Blaupunkt completely revamps the Soundbar Line

Blaupunkt, Leading German audio and electronics company which is known for its reliability, quality and technology announce standalone soundbars that will change the world of entertainment.

The entertainment industry has changed as a result of standalone soundbars. Multiple speakers, wires, and the entire setup requirement are no longer necessary. You can get great sound, connectivity, and an excellent entertainment experience from a single standalone soundbar. In this market, Blaupunkt has consistently held the top position. And now it has advanced the situation. The SBA15 and SBA15GM Standalone Soundbars are now available.

All that matters is the sound

When you first turn on either of these stunning machines, close your eyes. The sound they make is what gives them their magic. In terms of audio reproduction, the SBA15 and SBA15GM are both at the top of their game. While the SB15Gm has dual 2.5-inch speaker drivers, the SBA15 has dual 2-inch speakers. The output is 14 and 15 watts, respectively. Coming from a slim, compact design, that is a lot. The bass is thick and smooth, and the sound is unadulterated. No matter what device you connect, the audio will sound perfectly balanced.

The aesthetics is excellent.

Starting with the SBA15 It has a streamlined, elegant appearance. When you see it, you understand what it means. The finish is first-rate, and the materials used are of the highest quality. It will be obvious that you have a high-end product when you use it with your computer, laptop, phone, or even your big TV.

The SBA15GM advances the situation. LED lights are integrated into this design. As soon as you turn it on, you’ll notice how the soft ambient light improves the atmosphere. The form is also distinctive. It is raised off the ground at the center and stands on two points. As a result, the dual speaker drivers are highlighted and made the focal point.

This model is marketed toward gamers and, when used with a gaming laptop or desktop, adds a new dimension to every game.

Two Bars Packed with Tech and Power

The SBA15 and SBA15GM both have versatile designs. And to keep their word, they have the most advanced technology inside. You receive 2000MAh batteries that allow you to play for the entire night. You won’t have to wait long for the batteries to refuel thanks to Blaupunkt’s TurboVolt Fast charging technology. A whole new world of entertainment becomes available when the batteries are efficient. Now you can enjoy great music at all times while playing games outside or watching movies wherever you want.

Any connections you desire

These two soundbars enable you to connect to all of your devices because they give you access to the world. You can connect using the MICRO TF CARD, AUX IN, USB IN, BT, FM, and TWS functions. As a result, you have every option imaginable. The range of the Bluetooth connection is 10 meters or 30 feet, and it is also very strong. That implies that while you socialize and move around, your phone can be connected and in charge of the scene. The fact that the SBA15 and SAB15GM are genuine TWS-enabled products is another benefit. Therefore, connecting two bars will increase the output by two.

They are tough and German!

Blaupunkt is aware of how you prefer to live your life. Because you are confident in the German brand’s superior build quality, you choose it. You are correct, too. The SBA15 and SBA15GM are designed to be portable. As a result, everything about them is durable. In addition to being attractive and functional, Blaupunkt’s materials and components are also solid and long-lasting. Therefore, you can be sure that your home will be filled with fantastic sound for a long time when you bring either of these standalone soundbars home.