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WinX MediaTrans Software: Best iTunes Alternative for Apple Devices

WinX Media Trans

WinX MediaTrans is a media sync software to transfer media file between iPhone (8/X) and Windows PCs without iTunes. This software is a better than iTunes in various ways; the software has more options and features which iTunes cannot provide you. So, if you own a Windows PC and an iPhone, then WinX MediaTrans is the perfect and the simplest iTunes alternative to manage the media on your iOS devices via a Windows PC.

How is WinX MediaTrans better?

One-click install- The installation of WinX software is very easy and comes with no malware or unwanted add ons. Apple iTunes comes with lots of plugins and add-ons like the video player and updater which takes up lots of space in the Windows PC.


User-friendly interface- The PC users are used to simple interface and very straightforward features. But the process of syncing the media to your iPhones via iTunes is very confusing; it takes a while to know how to do that for most people. The interface on WinX MediaTrans software is straightforward and not at all confusing.



Manage iPhone easier- Apart from the interface, the features are all on the front page of the software which makes things simpler and faster for users. There are no confusing tabs; you will get all the features on the homepage of the software.


What more you get on WinX MediaTrans?

WinX MediaTrans software is not only for syncing the media from PC to iPhone, but you will also be able to transfer the iPhone’s media to the PC. This software also lets you backup your iPhone photos to PC without iTunes by just one click. There will also not be any file disappearing situation which we often see on iTunes software.

You will also be able to transfer non-iTunes music on your iPhone which is amazing because then you don’t have to pay more for the same content on iTunes. You can also manage the media and playlist on your iPhone without installing iTunes on your PC. There is also no need to log into the iCloud account.

If you bought something on your iPhone via iTunes movies, then WinX MediaTrans will let you remove the DRM security to make iTunes M4V/M4P files playable on other devices as well.


The software is available for Windows PCs and Mac PCs and the best part is that the price for both versions is similar. The Price for one year/1PC license is $29.95 and lifetime and the price for a lifetime license for 2 PCs are $ 35.95. There is also a trial version available which you can install and try it on your PC.

Wrapping up

WinX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative which you can find on the internet right now. If you find the official iTunes software very confusing, then WinX MediaTrans software is best iTunes alternative for you. You can free download WinX MediaTrans from the official website to try it before buying it.

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