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WinX DVD Ripper Review: Best DVD to MP4 Ripper for PC [Giveaway]


Choosing the Best DVD Ripper for Windows is a tedious task to do, provided that there are tons of options available in the market. Unfortunately, most of them don’t live up to expectations, resulting in a waste of time.

In our search for a good enough software to rip DVD, we came across WinX DVD Ripper Platinum software which surprisingly turned out to be different from others. We played with it for a couple of days, burnt a few DVDs and pushed it to thorough testing. That being said, here is our in-depth analysis of the same so that you can decide if it is worth giving a try. You can visit WinX DVD homepage to download the software.

5 Best Features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


WinX DVD Ripper is the best free DVD Ripper software in all. It gets a highly intuitive and minimal user interface with certain extra elements which further adds to the user convenience. Let’s discuss some of its key features:

Rip DVD to ISO.

The user interface is appealing, straightforward and convenient. We were able to convert DVD to ISO in just three steps. Right after inserting the source DVD, we selected it and clicked on Run, and it only took few minutes to finish the task.

Bypass all copy and region protections

In many regions, specific things are prohibited, but thanks to WinX DVD Ripper, you can bypass all of them without any hassle!

Availability of Multiple Output formats

If you are a hardcore tech geek, then you might have a couple of devices, and each of them needs a different format to run anything. In our usage, we found that WinX DVD Ripper covers almost all possible formats which you can use in day to day life, such as DVD to MP4, DVD to AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, H.264, ect.

Compatible with Hardware Acceleration technologies

The top reason why we said WinX DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripper for Windows, is that it support hardware acceleration to speed up the DVD to digital ripping progress. It also compatible with Hyper-threading and Multi-core technologies that enables WinX DVD Ripper grab all your eight cores and threads to give you the maximum output speed while you need them the most. It’s time to utilise hardware acceleration and use your rig at its potential.

Based on our test, ripping an entire DVD to MP4, WinX DVD Ripper only takes 6 minutes. The actual conversion time may varies depending on your CPU and DVD driver speed. And the output MP4 video quality is almost like the original. Thanks for the hardware acceleration tech, your GPU will share the burden of the CPU that means, when ripping DVD to MP4 (digital), you can do other work with your PC.

Add Subtitles to videos.

Probably the best feature for content creators, you can easily embed subtitles in your videos without any hassle! It allows you to add your own subtitle file (.srt) to an MP4/MKV/AVI/M2TS/MPEG/FLV/MOV video. You can also add subtitle text effect to the photo slideshow video created by this video converter. The video editor also offers basic editing features like Crop, Trip & Expand, etc.

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So, those were the best five features of WinX DVD Ripper. Now let’s talk about real-life pros and cons!

Pros of WinX DVD Ripper

  • The amount of customised output profile is outstanding!
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Hyper-threading support
  • Low system requirements
  • Good Quality Audio output
  • Inbuilt tool for Video editing

Cons of WinX DVD Ripper

  • No option to add watermark
  • Can’t edit images properly
  • No live chat support, only emails aid for after-sales customer support.

The number of pros can make anyone overlook the cons of the software. There are many DVD Rippers in the market, but WinX is the one of the rare which allowed us to rip encrypted disks. We tried doing the same on multiple software, and it ended up getting failed after each consequent attempt.

It ran flawlessly, without any hiccups or issues on our mid-end machine. We were able to use all the eight threads of our CPU, which resulted in faster operations. Moreover, the minimum system requirements are just 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 256MB GPU. Even a potato PC can run this software and can convert a DVD in about 5 minutes only.

We loved using this software, its clean UI. Also, worth mentioning, the support for ripping encrypted DVDs clubbed with hundreds of features was like icing on the cake for us.

Apart from software, the customer support is good enough, it lacks live chat, but the emails get responded quickly with satisfactory replies.

Final Words on WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

After using this software thoroughly and keeping the cons in mind, we can say that this is one of the most reliable and fast DVD Ripper software that you can buy right now! The software gets a thumbs up for its fantastic features and technical support. The full version is currently up for $29.95, after 50% discount on the usual price as a part of Holiday Sale. However, there is always a free version to try.

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You can check and decide accordingly. Let us know what you think about this software in the comment section below! And stay tuned for more such reviews.

Below is the video guides on how to rip DVD with WinX DVD Ripper, hope you like it:


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