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Wings announces their new Lifestyle TWS Range ‘Flobuds’ with ad film

Wings Lifestyle have launched their new ad film today. The ad film is titled ‘Go with the Flo’, a distinctive nod to their newly released TWS lifestyle earbuds range, ‘Flobuds’.

The ad film revolves around the creative struggles of a music producer who is inspired to make music based on his interactions with the earbuds and other daily objects. The ad uses the earbuds as a trigger for the artist in the film to go into a ‘flo(w) state’, inspiring him to make a new piece of music which is the soundtrack for the ad film as well. The brand film’s aesthetics and visuals are based on the vibrant look and feel of the Flobuds range, to emphasize Wings’ new lifestyle led positioning as well.The creative motif of using the earbuds and other daily objects to create the music was inspired by Charlie Puth’s song/reel series ‘Lightswitch’.

The Flobuds 100, 200 and 300 models which will be launching in August 2023 are drivers for the happenings in the brand film and the entire range will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and the Wings website post launch. The film was conceptualized by the brand in-house and produced via Out of Syllabus Productions.

Mr. Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founder of Wings Lifestyle said “The brand film intends to emphasize on how the Flobuds range firmly establishes our lifestyle led identity. The earbuds are designed keeping the latest trends in mind and the brand film ensures that they are at the centre of the film, audibly and visually. We’re excited for consumers to watch the film and also get their hands on the Flobuds as soon as they launch.“