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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: All you need to know

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After the recent rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is now working on the next major update for Windows 10. Simply called the Fall Creators Update (codenamed Redstone 3), the company is expected to release the update in early Fall this year. It is expected to arrive with a wide array of features and improvements to enhance the overall user experience of Windows 10. Hence, here’s what we can expect to see in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update based on the what Microsoft announced at its BUILD 2017 event on May 11, along with features that appeared in Windows 10 Insider Builds.

Improved Design

Microsoft is expected to enhance the overall appearance of Windows 10 to give users a more streamlined experience. Known as the Fluent Design system, the new design language has already shown up in a slew of Microsoft’s apps such as Groove Music, Windows Store, Maps, and more. The upcoming Fall Creators Update will bring this new design language in Windows 10 Start, Action, Taskbar, and more items. According to Microsoft, Fluent Design incorporates ‘scale’ and material objects using more light, depth, transparency, and motion. Microsoft says it’ll give users a new way to interact and use Windows 10, which will be applied across all Windows 10 elements.

OneDrive Files on Demand

The upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for PCs will come with a new feature called ‘OneDrive Files in Demand’. It’s pretty similar to OneDrive Placeholders which appeared in earlier versions of Windows. Though Microsoft decided to remove it. Now the feature will reappear under a new name – On-Demand Sync.

Users can use the feature to store some files in the cloud without having them synced with your local system. It’s a much-improved version of cloud-based syncing, doing away the need to download synced files anymore. In fact, it’s not just limited to OneDrive folder, but also compatible with files stored on your Desktop or Documents folder.

Windows 10 ARM

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will soon support ARM-based processors, thanks to Win32 emulation support. Windows 10 should support laptops/tablets running ARM-based processors once the Fall Creators Update rolls out.

The key factor here is that unlike Windows RT, Windows 10 on ARM-based laptops and tablets will be able to run a desktop version of Windows 10, implying users can run any Win32 applications and programs, and not just apps from its Windows Store.

My People

As the name suggests, My People is a new social feature expected to arrive with the upcoming Fall Creators Update. The feature was originally planned for the Creators Update, though it’s likely to arrive with the forthcoming Fall Creators Update. Users can essentially pin their favorite or most-used contacts to their taskbar for quick and easy access to recent conversations, emails, details, and more. Users can pin up to three contacts on their taskbar in go with My People.

Cloud Clipboards in Windows 10

fall creators update

Microsoft is also slated to bring the new cloud-based clipboard in the upcoming Fall Creators Update. With this feature, users can copy and paste data across multiple Windows 10 devices. For instance, copying something on any one of your Windows 10 PCs will also be available on the clipboard of other devices running Windows 10. Microsoft is expected to bake this feature with the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

Incoming Call Alerts for Android users

A similar feature is already available for Windows Phone users, and would soon be available for Android as soon as the Fall Creators Update rolls out. If you have an Android smartphone with Cortana on board, Windows 10 will alert you whenever you get an incoming call on your Android smartphone. The idea is to give users the freedom to ignore the call or text them directly from the desktop, doing away the need to get your smartphone.

Power Throttling

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Originally planned for the Windows 10 Creators Update, Power Throttling is a new feature also expected to arrive in the upcoming Fall Creators Update. With this feature, Windows 10 can direct the CPU to consume fewer resources, especially when background work is performed, thereby saving power. According to Microsoft, this feature can reduce CPU usage by up to 11 percent even when your PC is performing intensive tasks. Users will be able to control the feature using the power slider, which shows up when you click on the battery icon. Power Throttling is automatically enabled in the Battery Saver mode and gets disabled in the Best Performance mode. Microsoft also notes that for now, the feature is only available for PCs running processors with Intel’s Speed Shift technology. This includes Intel’s 6th gen Skylake processors and above.

Spotify and iTunes coming to Windows 10 Store

fall creators update

Possibly an attempt to make its Windows Store popular among users, Microsoft also announced that Spotify and iTunes will soon be available via the Windows Store.

Launch Date

Microsoft recently said that Windows 10 will receive two major updates a year, with updates scheduled in the month of March/April and sometime in Fall every year. Given the fact that Creators Update was rolled out in April this year, we can expect the Fall Creators Update to arrive sometime in September/October.


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