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Will Tablets and Smartphones continue to be the best Platforms for iGaming in the Future?

The mobile industry has dominated for quite some time now, and the market is expected to stay on top in the years ahead. In fact, the money generated from the industry is expected to stay around the same ballpark up until 2025 and beyond. In 2014, annual revenue was just over $1 billion, and in 2025, it’s projected to be $1.9 billion. The iGaming market has helped maintain these high sales until now and could continue to do so going forward. But there’s a chance that the gambling industry could be about to move to another platform, which could have a detrimental effect on mobile.

iGaming as an industry

The online casino industry is booming, with its rise occurring in tandem with increasing sales of smartphones and tablets. Sites that started out on desktop swiftly realized that offering a mobile version was more lucrative, and many designers have prioritized adapting their games to the smaller screens. Players can often choose between downloading an app or playing directly through the web browser. According to this review page, Royal Vegas is one such site that offers download or instant play. Their opinion on Royal Vegas is that it is a great place for fans of either medium.

Online slot games, which are one of the most played offerings available at online casinos, are particularly enjoyable from the mobile screen. This is because developers put a strong emphasis on making the games compatible with mobile before desktop. This has led to a massive increase in the variety of slots available online. Indeed, slots are such a selling point for online casinos that they often try to entice new customers by offering free spins. The best free spins offers can be found on comparison sites, for players who don’t have time to shop around for deals.

Will VR ever be a viable iGaming option?

Slots have evolved greatly since they were invented, but the mobile slots that now exist could be about to change. Developers are now looking at ways to make slots accessible to virtual reality (VR) users. This is because the VR industry is projected to a spike in 2022 when analysts expect the annual revenue to be a whopping $209 billion. If this does come to fruition, it could mean that many online casinos may move to offer VR titles. What this means for mobile slots is currently uncertain, but there’s a chance they could still remain popular while VR slots attract different players. The other scenario could be that VR slots become so popular that developers all flock to the new technology.

It seems that mobile will be the best platform for iGaming for the foreseeable future. However, there’s a chance that VR will take over and lead standard mobile gaming to eventually become obsolete. At present, this is simply speculation, but mobile developers should be wary of what changes VR will eventually bring.

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