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Will AI Ever Prove a Problem For Online Gaming?

The online gambling sector is setting record revenues year after year, and according to the latest industry projections, the global market should double in size in the next six years. It is an undeniable fact that the rise of smartphones is the driving force behind this upwards trajectory. However, in the past few years, AI technology has also made its way into the world of online gambling.

Today, most gaming platforms utilize chat-bots to save money on customer support, and thanks to pattern analysis software, they can fine-tune exclusive promos for specific clients. Sites like casino cabbie that aggregate bookmakers often review the operators and can verify their authenticity and credibility with the review, but in the future this may be controlled by software to ensure fair play.

Players are looking online for the best online casinos pa so they rely on credible operators to ensure the security of their platform… As operators leverage this technology to their benefit, many within the industry fear that it may also become a problem for UK casinos regulated by the UKGC. Players are continuously on the lookout for an edge, and many hope that AI may become the secret sauce to nullifying the house advantage of most casino games.

Can You Currently Cheat Using AI?

To answer bluntly – no. AI technology can help you narrow the odds but not overcome them.  Casino gambling is a chance-based activity. All the games that land-based and digital establishments feature are mathematically designed to ensure profit. That, in the long-term, the casino should always come out ahead.

A random number generator is an algorithm that arbitrarily spits out indiscriminate figures produced by complex mathematical operations which decide the outcome of all slot spins and software iterations of popular table games. Therefore, no one can predict the behavior of this software or affect it. AI will not be able to monitor slot gameplay and figure out a pattern. Though the number generators used by slots are pseudo-ones, meaning they have limits to their randomness, it is still impossible to figure them out because what you see on the screen are symbol combinations, not the numbers used to produce them.

Many laypeople probably think they can use AI to count cards at blackjack. While you can, most platforms use automatic shufflers after each hand. The best thing you can do is use third-party software to incorporate optimal strategy and calculate probability. The casino will still have the edge, but it will go down to about 0.5%.

Will You Be Able to Cheat Using AI?

Unlikely. As mentioned, when you play casino games, long-term, you are facing an uphill battle. Using tools for statistical analysis is very beneficial and will improve your odds of winning, but these games work in such a way that you will never be able to overcome the built-in advantage in the long haul. The best you can do is narrow it.

Even if AI figures out a flaw in a game, online casinos will also implement this technology to prevent cheating. So, a battle will rage on between two sets of artificial intelligence. Gambling platforms are already incorporating AI tools that prevent fraud concerning bonus abuse, chargebacks, and account takeover. Thus, it is only a matter of time before they put measures in place that prevent players from exploiting flaws in their game systems.

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