In a major revelation, WikiLeaks has threatened to publish personal information of Twitter users publicly. The controversial leak portal has disclosed that they are planning to release the private data of thousands of verified Twitter users. However, there is no information about when WikiLeaks will reveal the information.

WikiLeaks took to Twitter under the handle @WLTaskForce and shared the information that the alleged online database would include sensitive details such as family relationships and finances.

Although the reported tweet has been deleted now, it added that they are willing to share an online database with all verified Twitter accounts. Moreover, the database also contains family, job, financial and housing relationships.

Meanwhile, another tweet surfaced immediately after the deletion of the previous one, and it stated that they are looking for some information that can be loaded into their in-house AI software. The tweet also asks users to input their feedback and suggestions.

WikiLeaks attempt is to know the relationship networks

The main purpose is to gather the network of relationships that influence and not to publish addresses, said WikiLeaks. That being said, Twitter users have rejected the Wikileaks proposal to publish confidential information. In the past, the company faced ire of users when they publicly published social security numbers along with data on the web.

Responding to a query posted by journalist Kevin Collier from within Twitter, WikiLeaks added that the company wants to develop a metric system to enable them to understand better influencer networks based on the generated proximity graphs. Even though users rejected the move, WikiLeaks counter-attacked by stating that Wikipedia is also doing the same thing and posted a tweet to confirm their claims.

Commenting on the development, Twitter disclosed that the company had banned the use of data gathered from Twitter for surveillance purposes. Moreover, publishing private and confidential information is a violation of the Twitter rules.

In the meantime, the micro-blogging portal has declined to reveal the total number of verified accounts. If a Twitter account is verified, then you can assume that it is a genuine account of the individual. You can recognize it by a blue check mark.

In a statement related to the press, Twitter added that the company verifies an account provided if the relevant account is of public interest. In 2009, the Twitter launched the feature since many celebrities complained of the existence of duplicate accounts. Recently, the micro-blogging service launched a new service with which users can self-apply to verify the accounts.