WiFire: Nifty Android app that lets you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots

WiFire is a nifty Android app which helps to connect your phone to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Through the app, you can connect to wireless internet networks at the airport, railways stations, restaurants and eating joints. In this way, the app helps you save a lot on your 3G/4G data which in turn can reduce your monthly phone bills and expenses.

In addition, it can help you save a lot of data by letting you block apps from consuming data. With WiFire, you can selectively block apps from using your phone’s data connections. That’s why some people refer to WiFire as the ‘data-saver’ app as well.

Nowadays, most of our phones are equipped with an inbuilt software that can catch a new Wi-Fi network or a public hotspot but then you need to know the password and at times, you gain access only after you fill out a monotonous web form.

But using WiFire app eliminates the inconvenience because using this app, you can connect to any public Wi-Fi connection or hotspot with a single tap. No need to fill the web forms or ask for the password. In fact, the app displays information regarding the locations of public networks. It is like a GPS system but instead of places and landmarks it lets you know which places offer public Wi-Fi/ internet networks.

And then we have the ‘Datawall’ feature that lets you select an app from using your phone’s internet data. The Datawall ensures that these particular apps do not consume your phone’s data without your permission. And, since phone’s 3G/4G data is important to monitor, WiFire will also help in tracking data usage and the speed of your network.

All in all, this app will help you connect to any public Wi-Fi with a single tap while restraining apps from consuming data and on top of it, data usage is minutely monitored while you discover the nearest Wi-Fi network’s location.