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Why you should switch to Vaping?


Electronic smoking has many advantages over traditional smoking. That is why more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes – also known as vaporizers. In this article, you will learn why you should switch to vaping if you are a traditional cigarettes smoker.

E-cigarettes don’t contain carcinogenic tar

Traditional cigarettes contain not only carcinogenic tar, but hundreds of ingredients that are very harmful to your health. When smoking a normal cigarette, 4000 toxic substances are released. When you smoke an e-cigarette only one substance is released: nicotine.

Say goodbye to smelly smoke

The electronic cigarette produces no smoke. After all, no combustion takes place. The e-cigarette operates on a battery. This battery supplies energy to the atomizer. The atomizer causes the liquid in the e-cigarette to evaporate. The e-cigarette, therefore, produces no smelly smoke, but water vapour.


Vaping is healthier than smoking

Vaporizers don’t contain carbon monoxide and nitric oxide which is bad for the lungs, heart and blood vessels. The carbon monoxide and nitric oxide in regular cigarettes cause your condition to deteriorate and damage your vessel walls. That has a disastrous effect on your heart and blood vessels. In addition, nitrogen monoxide initiates a physiological mechanism in the vessel wall that leads to atherosclerosis (artery hardening). E-cigarettes do NOT contain carbon monoxide and NO nitric oxide.

Determine how much nicotine you take

If you vape, you decide how much nicotine there is in your e-cigarette. E-cigarettes contain a cartridge (tank or ampoule) with liquid. If you take a puff, this liquid is evaporated by an atomizer. You have the choice of different e-liquids (fillings) so you decide how much nicotine your e-cigarette is. So as you can see, vaping can be a convenient way to reduce your smoking addiction.

Electronic cigarettes are not flammable

Because no incineration takes place with electronic cigarettes, there is no fire risk. You are also relieved of falling axle tiles smouldering ugly holes in your clothes. The e-cigarette does not burn and does not get hot. When you have finished smoking, just put it away or put it in your breast pocket without any problems.

Vaping doesn’t lead to yellow fingers or brown teeth

It is a frequently asked question: does an e-cigarette attack on your teeth? If there is something annoying about ordinary cigarettes then it is that you get those yellow fingers and brown teeth. You can immediately get rid of that problem using the e-cigarette. No tobacco smoke, so no dirty attack on teeth and fingers.

Save your money with e-cigarettes

Apart from health benefits, the price of the e-cigarette is one of the most attractive reasons to switch. Because there is hardly any tax on the e-cigarette, vaping it is much cheaper than smoking ordinary cigarettes. You pay a one-off fee for the purchase of a starter kit, but afterwards, vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking. There are numerous Cheap Vaping Deals on the market. Just choose the option that suits you the most and enjoy vaping.

Vaping doesn’t require an ashtray

Because electronic cigarettes do not produce ash, the ashtray can go into the trash. No more stinking cigarette butts in the room or outside in the garden (in an ashtray full of rainwater). Replace that dirty ashtray with a beautiful vase of flowers – looks a lot nicer too.

The electronic cigarette takes less space

A pack of cigarettes can easily overload your pockets. After all, your wallet, key ring, telephone and lighter are already there. You’re off with the e-cigarette. You simply put it in your breast pocket after use. Doesn’t get in the way. Oh, and you don’t need that lighter anymore.

You can Vape (almost) everywhere

Smoking is banned in many public places. But where can you put on an electronic cigarette? It may be a barrier, but the e-cigarette can be used in many places. Ten to one that you get reactions, but the vapour of e-cigarettes is not harmful to others. Moreover, it is a nice occasion for a chat. Sounds good, right?

Vaping can help you quit regular smoking

Nowadays, people who want to quit regular smoking have diverse options. There are numerous apps and stop-smoking software that can help you with your problem. Former smokers had less help with stopping their addiction than current smokers. This may be due to the fact that many former smokers have never switched to vaping. The most commonly used tool to stop smoking is the e-cigarette. Do you want to try one?