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Why you should get Cloud Hosting for your Website

Building a website in 2010 was very different from building a website in 2020. Back then, there were far fewer people using the internet around the world. Most people’s connections were much slower than the average connection today. And most significantly, the majority of people weren’t yet using smartphones and accessed the internet via mobile far less often.

Web hosting plans gave people enough space on a shared server to handle the amount of traffic possible back then, along with bandwidth that catered to the more limited amount of data that was both affordable and necessary.

You were building a website in a very different context in 2010, so why would you use the same type of hosting ten years later? Regular shared hosting plans do what is necessary for most small websites, but if you’re running a business or expecting high volumes of traffic, you need something more.

Cloud hosting is the natural progression, considering the prevalence of cloud-based data processing today. Here is what you need to know about why you should get cloud hosting for your website.

How is cloud hosting different?

One of the main questions I get asked on this subject is how is cloud hosting any different? After all, cloud hosting plans follow the same format as the traditional kind. You can share bandwidth with other websites, get your own VPS, or get dedicated hosting. Does it make a difference whether you are utilizing a physical server or the cloud?

There is actually quite a big difference, but one that usually only becomes apparent over a period of time. As your website grows and changes, you need your hosting to adapt. This is particularly true in today’s world which changes at lightning pace. What makes sense for your website today may seem incredibly naive a couple of months from now.

Hosting that uses physical servers can facilitate changes, but the process is slower and more expensive. When it comes to scaling, nothing is more suitable than the cloud.

The reality is that there probably will not be one big breaking point where you realize you need more from your hosting. On the contrary, there will be days when you need to adapt on the fly, and you will want to have options that do not require you to change your whole plan immediately.

Moving to the cloud

If you already have hosting on a physical server, you do not need to move straight over to the cloud. Depending on your website, you may never need anything more than your current plan. Alternatively, you may already be using a dedicated server that gives you more possibilities than you will ever need.

However, if you have a growing website and a limited hosting plan, make the decision now to move your website to cloud hosting. The process should not be too difficult, with the best hosting providers doing the heavy lifting for you. It should not disrupt your website too much, but it is better to do it now than when you suddenly realize you need it.

The internet is changing and web hosting should not look the same as it did a decade ago. Cloud hosting makes much more sense in a constantly-shifting environment. Go for a great cloud hosting plan, and consider making the move if you are still using a shared physical server.

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