Email is the most used communication tool in many workplaces. Most individuals and businesses are using email to send vital documents and for formal communications in general. Related security and privacy should be therefore taken seriously by both consumers and businesses.

Leaked emails and/or hacked email accounts are often part of elaborated schemes for enabling further security breaches. These breaches have been on the rise, and are mainly a result of using unreliable and insecure email services. Hackers, whether international criminal organizations or from rival companies, can much easier access your emails if using an unsecured service. Illegal access can result in unexpected liabilities and loss of revenue and reputation. Making sure your email address is as secure as possible is paramount to minimize the chances of such attacks.

In regards to this, you may try out EPRIVO Private Email service to keep your mail secure. This is a company that offers digital privacy solutions, with its primary focus being email privacy. EPRIVO does not store your emails. This helps to ensure your email address is secure as there is no conflict of interest. Companies that store your emails often can monetize your information or offer half-hearted security solutions and privacy.  How about you also try the first voice/text private email app with EPRIVO! It even works with your existing email ID, current provider, and can enable privatizing your old emails as well. Patented Physical Security is an add-on to digital approaches for the ultimate peace-of-mind.

Benefits of Using EPRIVO for your Email Security

The followings are some of the key benefits you will enjoy when you choose EPRIVO as your private email service.

Email Privatization

It is one of the key benefits of EPRIVO. You can transparently encrypt emails from existing accounts to make them private. The app also lets you read all the emails you receive and privatize them. EPRIVO can also measure the susceptibility of some of your mails and enhance their privacy, depending on your requirements. It uses AI techniques to decide the privacy sensitivity for each non-private email. EPRIVO also validates the authenticity of senders and messages. This is essential to ensure no sender is essentially masquerading as someone you know trying to trick you to divulge information or allow access to critical systems.

Ideal for Families

In addition to organizations, EPRIVO supports consumers. It is ideal for families. Stay in touch with your loved ones in a secure manner. You can communicate with your loved ones through email by creating one account that enables access for all your family members. Using EPRIVO, you can also get a private family email alias for your family. EPRIVO provides confidentiality for your emails and also access control for privacy enforcement.

It is Affordable

EPRIVO is one of the most affordable means of keeping your emails secure. You will also get a three-month free trial using the software. They have set aside family and individual subscription plans that are very affordable. The Individual Plus plan meant for a single user goes for $1.00 a month or $11.99 a year. Some of the benefits you will enjoy from this plan include confidentiality in cloud and recipient devices, authorization to read, and authentication of every message and sender. Privacy features include recalling emails, subject privacy, and a one-time view.

The Family Plus plan meant for up to 5 members is $0.30 a month per user with five users. You can also pay an annual subscription of $17.99 per year on this plan. The benefits you enjoy from this plan are similar to those of Individual Plus, the only difference being the number of users.

Other subscription plans include Celebrity Gold and Celebrity Platinum. These two subscriptions give you access to exclusive features like complimentary invitations and privatized metadata. Celebrity Gold plan is meant for a single user and it goes for $ 3.00 a month or $35.99 annually. Celebrity Platinum, on the other hand, is meant for five users and it goes for $1.50 a month per user with 5 users and an annual fee of $89.99. If you are looking for an affordable private email service, then you should try EPRIVO.

Voice Emailing

You are not only limited to texts because you can also send voice emails using this service. Privacy features used in voice emailing are the same as those used in the text option. You cannot save the private voice messages, and they can be recalled from recipient devices anytime you wish.

Sender Control

In this private email service, the sender is in charge of all the privacy controls. You are able to put into use different privacy features as the sender. Privacy control features you will get in EPRIVO include a one-time view, privatized metadata, recalling, no forwarding, and the expiration of emails.

You also need to familiarize yourself with other features from the app. They include:

Meta Information Obfuscation

The metadata obfuscation feature makes it difficult for anyone trying to gain access to your emails interpret some of the related data such as the path the email took.


The private email service uses military-grade digital security together with physical security to keep your emails secure. It adds a number of unique access controls for privacy that you can set on individual emails.  It protects emails in the cloud and even in recipients’ devices.

With all these benefits, EPRIVO maybe your ideal private email service.