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Why Use Webcam Chats for Social Networking?

The answer is simple: because social networking sites with webcam chats let you do so much more than regular social media sites. Curious to know the details? You might be surprised at just how much you could get up to on a webcam chat.

When most people talk about social media, they’re referring to the typical Facebook experience. You like each other’s profile pictures, you become “friends”, you chat (via text only) – and that’s pretty much it. What’s “social” about that, though? You’re pretty limited by the fact that you can only communicate through text chat. Friendships include way more than simply liking similar things and talking once in a while; in order to really bond, it helps if you actually do things together.

If you incorporate webcam chats into your social networking experience, though, you’ll have the option to form genuine, lasting friendships with the people you meet online. What happens after the first few conversations? That can depend on how creative both of you can get with the webcam chats, but chances are, you’ll be happy with the result.

That’s enough of an introduction – now let’s get into the specifics.

Find potential friends via webcam chat

Webcam chatting isn’t just for bonding with people you’re already friends with; you can also use it as an interactive version of scrolling through social media profiles. On a site like Fruzo, for instance, you get to have quick conversations with people, decide whether or not they’d be a good match, and move on if you want to keep looking. Other users are doing the same thing with you – as you webcam chat, you’re getting your face out there for even more people to see.

If you’re going to treat these webcam chats like a live version of your profile, it only makes sense to make the most of it. Pretty much everyone who sees you will take a few seconds to decide whether or not you’re friend material, so you want to look the part. No need for perfect hair and a spotless wardrobe; rather, look like a put-together version of your authentic self. The point isn’t just to impress people, but also to let them know what your personality is like – so don’t be afraid to be genuine!

Making the most of it doesn’t just include brushing your hair and putting on a clean shirt; you should also chat from a place that has an interesting background and decent lighting. When in doubt, go for natural lighting if you can, or at least something that isn’t too harsh. As for the background, you have a lot of flexibility. If you want to show off a beautiful room or some of your most prized possessions, go for it. If the best place to chat from is really boring, see if you can dress it up with a potted plant or a couple of throw pillows. Play around with it, and see what gets the best response; there’s always time to improve!

Use webcam chats to add a sense of security

Pretty much any online activity comes with its own risks, and meeting people online is no exception. Many social media sites have gotten a reputation for harboring catfishers and other types of scammers, people who are only on the platform because they want your attention or your money. Fortunately, webcam chats will weed out anyone who’s using fake photos, so there’s a much smaller chance of being fooled by a spurious profile.

The great thing about this is that you won’t have to second-guess your online acquaintances quite so much. If the only thing you can look at is someone’s profile, it’s hard to tell how old the pictures are, how much editing went into them – or even if the person is who they say they are. If you meet them on a webcam chat, however, you don’t have to worry that 29-year-old Anna and her cute dog is actually 48-year-old Cindy and her stolen pictures.

Grow online friendships with webcam chats

Once you’ve found a potential friend, it’s time to switch gears – you’ll want to get to know them better, and webcam chats are the perfect way to do it. This is where webcam chatting really gets its chance to shine, especially compared to regular social media sites. Instead of relying on text chats to see if the spark is really there, you can actually look at them and hear them talk. Emojis might be nice to liven up an otherwise boring text message, but there’s really no comparison to speaking face-to-face – even if it’s still on a screen.

You’ll get to know them by watching their body language. Do they seem shy and modest, or are they outgoing and talkative? Webcam chats can also be a boon for people who don’t speak English as a first language; they might sound awkward over text chats, but can get the point across just fine when they’re actually talking to you.

Plan your hangouts using webcam chats

Are you ready to start spending some time with the people you met online? You won’t even have to leave the house! Webcam chats make it possible for you to have all kinds of good times. Hang out while you watch a movie, have some drinks, or work on some DIY projects together.

If you’re having a hard time envisioning what a virtual hangout could look like, just think of how ordinary meetups could be translated to a webcam-chat format. For instance, movie night doesn’t have to happen at someone’s house every time; if you get creative with the setup, you could introduce each other to your favorite films, and even see the other person’s reactions as you webcam chat. Don’t forget to bring snacks!

Are you convinced yet?

These are just a few of the advantages that webcam chatting can bring to social networking sites; once you give it a try, you might be amazed that you ever made friends online without it!

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