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Why Use AWS for Hosting?


Cloud computing market is growing at a handsome rate every year as more and more businesses, big and small, are now realizing that, compared to in-house servers, cloud servers offer many advantages.

If you, too, are looking for a reliable cloud computing service provider, you should strongly consider Amazon Web Services (AWS for short). Launched in 2002, AWS is the poster-boy of cloud computing.

As the informative graphic created by hostingtribunal.com shows, AWS entered this market long before other big players, a decision which has held it in good stead, and today is the hosting service provider of choice for some of the most famous internet giants like Netflix, Reddit, Dropbox, and Pinterest.


However, to think that because many global companies use AWS cloud servers it may be out of reach of small- and medium-sized would be a mistake. AWS cloud computing solutions are as suitable for businesses of various sizes.

Here are two main advantages of using AWS cloud computing solutions over having in-house servers.

  • No upfront investment – An in-house server requires a considerable initial capital investment on hardware and applications. Additionally, you will need to hire IT professionals, which means additional monthly expenditure. Further, from time to time, you will have to spend money on hardware upgrades and software licensing renewal. On the other hand, when you opt for AWS cloud service, you don’t need to pay any upfront fee, nor sign any long-term contract.

  • Easily Scalable – As your business needs grow, you’ll need more server space. If you have an on-site server, adding more server space will entail spending money on installing new hardware. Your maintenance costs will rise, too. And what if at some later stage you require less server space? That will mean wastage of resources. In comparison, AWS cloud computing plans are easily scalable. Because you pay only for what you use, you can increase or decrease server space as per your requirement.

What are the other benefits of using AWS cloud servers? Have a look at this comprehensive infographic on AWS to learn more about why you should use AWS for hosting.

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