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Why two USB Drives with the same storage capacity cost different

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If you ever been in the market to buy a flash drive then you’ll see that there are some flash drives with the same storage capacity cost different. If you ever asked why and never got any answers then today you are lucky because today I’m going to uncover the truth about it.

There are lots of reasons behind it and I’m listing below all of them:

Build Quality:

Build quality makes a major difference in pricing, some USB flash drives with plastic casing are cheaper than the drives with metal casing. The drives with plastic casing are prone to get broken and don’t have any life. The drives with metal casing work better than the plastic ones. This is one of the reasons that some flash drives are cheaper even the storage capacity is equal.


The interface of the flash drive also matters in the price difference. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are the two interfaces which you will find in the market. Because USB 2.0 is an old technology that’s why the USB drives with USB 2.0 interface are cheaper than the flash drives with the interface USB 3.0. interface straight away affects the read and write speed of the drive. So if you pay more then you are getting the benefit in the name of speed.

Extra Features:

Some drives come with extra features than just only transferring data with high speed. More features like keychain, data encryption, and password protection come with lots of flash drives and cost more than the normal flash drives. These flash drives are a bit bigger than the normal flash drives because to encase that much bigger PCB they need to make the bigger casing.

Fake Drives:

There are some USB drives in the market which cost almost nothing in comparison to the original one. If you ever bought these fake flash drives then you should know that these fake USB drives are not of the capacity that they claim to be. They are 1 or 2 GB flash drives which are tweaked in a way that Windows PC read them wrongly. So when you try to transfer anything to that flash drive, the flash drive will show its true capacity and the transfer will cancelled if larger than the capacity.

Quality of Flash Memory Chip:

Flash drives contain the flash memory chip that’s why we call them flash drives. Flash drive memory chip is one of the main parts of which the flash drive is made of. The flash drive’s cost mostly depends on this memory chip quality. The better the quality of memory chip is, the better is the life of the USB drive. And you already know that better things come with a better price.

So if you are planning to buy a new flash drive then now you know why some flash drives are costlier than other ones and which one to buy.