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Why the gambling industry focusing more on the mobile

When it comes to mobiles phones and how fast they’re advancing throughout the years with around 2.8 billion smartphones around the world – we are relying on them more and more every year. With apps becoming more frequently used and new games out every day. Most companies have taken advantage of making apps or games for mobiles to further their profits. The appeal for making gaming apps for mobile makes it easier for the consumer to connect with other people and more advanced betting.

Mobiles have become more of convenience compared to when mobile phones were at their unpopular stage before apps were a big deal on a smartphone. Convenience is the biggest part of a consumer’s day to day life – mobile betting apps give you that instead availability to bet on your favourite football game or betting on horseracing. That doesn’t beat the real experience of attending a Royal Ascot; as its more of a bucket list type festival – not only is it for betting, but also a fashion parade with the attendees showing off their dresses, hats, and suits.

Not only is mobile gambling convenient but as we live in a world where Wi-Fi is available everywhere we go, so not only is betting on your phone more accessible but it allows you to keep track of your progress or winning straight from your pocket – which helps you decide on where to take your next step in winning a possible bet you’ve placed, or even betting on newly odds and mobiles phones are a preferred device by a lot of players because it can be played in so many situations throughout the day.

With nearly the same amount of power as your laptop, and with most smartphones being affordable depending on the brand, of course. What not many real-life betting establishments offer is free or practice plays, whereas online or mobile apps allow you to play for free or offer a practice type run so you can get the feel of the games before you bet your real money – a great incentive if you’re new to the gambling scene. Not only does it make their app more popular as they would be able to see the concurrent visitors to their app and see what games are most popular which then further helps optimise the app itself and even help fund the company for further and better games.

In conclusion; the industry gets bigger and better every year as more players and gambling brands have to match or do something unique and new to stay ahead of the curve and to overcome their competitors. By looking at numerous reports on how mobile gambling has increased, reports show that the number of casino games played on mobile devices grew by 30%, and it’s expected to grow in later years. It also helps branch people together as most gambling apps connect with Facebook or Instagram – giving you a better interaction with the player you’re playing with or against, obviously you can choose to opt-out of those options under your preference.

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