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Why stick to the Landline Phone in 2020?

It may be 2020 when cellular phones are in vogue and you might be wondering why to stick to the outdated landline phone when a smartphone can do the job just as well. Moreover, even the cheapest of cellphones possess more features and capabilities, not to mention, mobility than a landline.

So why not ditch the redundant technology? Before you hurry on to axing your landline phone and regret the deed, we recommend you consider the following advantages that your home phone could provide and your smartphone can’t.

  1. A Treasure During Emergencies

Your home phone is like that loyal friend, who wouldn’t abandon you in the most trying of times. Those trying times could be power outages during storms and hurricanes. During longer power blackouts, smartphones and their batteries don’t survive.

Moreover, during an instance that demands a call to 911, an operator could immediately trace the landline phone if you are unable to relay your location. Meanwhile, a smartphone cannot necessarily be traced at all times.

Even FCC revealed that emergency call centers are only capable of tracing calls to the nearest cell site. By some chance, if an operator managed to pinpoint your location via a cellular call, a multi-story poses an additional challenge during emergencies.

  1. Newer Phone Models Come With High-Tech Features

Now your cordless phone can do much more than making and receiving calls. Most phone service providers offer additional features akin to those of smartphones to help maintain your security and privacy. For example, Spectrum’s home phone comes with 28 unique features i.e. call forwarding, VIP ring, options to accept selected callers, blocking anonymous, unwanted, international, and telemarketing calls, conference calls, trace calls, blocking 3rd party charges, backup phone setup, readable voicemail, do not disturb mode, and the Nomorobo blocks robocalls from telemarketers and other blacklisted entities. The intelligent robocall detector will let in your private and important calls such as medical confirmations.

Moreover, in case of any of your service-related troubles, Spectrum customer service number will come in particularly handy.

  1. More Economical than You Believe

A landline phone is not as costly as you might think. Most ISPs offer internet, TV, and phone combined together in a Spectrum Silver Package. Notice that when you opt-out of home phone from these packages, you pay more for fewer services. However, with a 3-in-1 package, you save more.

  1. Way Better Sound Quality

If you have trouble with hearing, then a landline phone will be apt for your needs as it relays a clearer voice than an average cellular call.

They do offer better reception as cell service often doesn’t reach some parts of your home such as a basement, so you might be able to make or take calls on that location via a cordless handset. Furthermore, they are absolutely great for long-distance and international calling.

  1. Good Option For Children

If your children are too young to have unsupervised access to a smartphone, then it would be ideal to maintain a landline phone. As smartphones with internet connectivity are accompanied by the risk of online abuse, about which you cannot always be aware of.

Children require constant tutoring and monitoring so they can recognize abuse and report it to you. Before they reach that level, you cannot deprive them of connectivity. Therefore, a home phone proves to be quite nifty in these situations.

In addition, it teaches them phone manners and responsibility and provides them with access to their friends, but without unbridled access to the online world for which they are not prepared.

  1. Top-Notch Security

Apart from your home phone coming with an array of built-in security features, courtesy of a good phone provider, your home security setup also requires landline phones as a backup and as a point of contact with the security company.

Also, a landline will help ease the blow to your pockets as the security system works better with the landline than cellular phones.

Final Verdict

Maintain cellular and home phone services simultaneously. While cellular phones are a necessity in this era, a landline phone is a dependable backup that you should have in your home. One never knows what emergency falls upon you at any given moment and a landline phone could come to your rescue with minimal cost.

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